Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stenches, lab coats, and more

*Good news: the stench has not reappeared. So our guess is that it was the combination of chemicals my buddy on the other side of the wall was using. Yippee! Yahoo! SOOOO glad it wasn’t something newly dead in the ceiling or walls or under the floor. Did I mention there is a hole in the floor big enough for a large rat? You’d think an umpteen billion dollar corporation could at least plug the holes in the floor.

*As for the lab coat. It is the signature apparel of our company. All our sales and service techs are supposed to wear them. They don’t, but they are supposed to. I work for a chemical manufacturing company. In a nutshell we clean the world. Funny story that lab coat. The one place we have been asked NEVER to wear them is when we are performing service calls on cruise ships. They are afraid we will be mistaken for coroners.

*I have managed despite constant dog watching, chasing, and pee cleaning to get back into the swing of things with my reading. This morning I just decided to give up on a book that I had been looking forward to. I just don’t think I’m in the mood for it’s subject matter. It’s about inner city life, gangs, mafia, spousal abuse, animal abuse. Just not what I need right now.

*We have been watching the NBC/Sci Fi series Heroes. Last night they ran a marathon. I am impressed with the story, how intriguing the whole idea is. And trying to figure out who the bad guys really are.

*It’s finally gotten cold here. We basically went from sweatshirts outside to down parkas. But my mantra this winter will be: “At least November was warm” We’ll see how long that works for me before I go screaming to the Como Conservatory, rip off all my clothes and dance in the humid tropical heat.

*My dad is excited to have me coming. He wants us to go to the Weiner Wonderland Parade (pull your minds out of the gutter people!) at Balboa Park the day before I leave. I think that will be a blast. I went last year and it’s too funny to see hundreds of little dressed up dachshunds running around. Dad thinks Lily will have fun. I have a reindeer costume/coat that I got for Sophie last year for holiday pictures that was too small for her. It might fit Lily just right. Groan all you want but we’ll feel like the odd ones out if we aren’t in costume. Or perhaps I should make her a weiner dog costume so she will fit in with the rest of the puppies. And besides Balboa park is one of the most beautiful places in San Diego and it has an amazing artist pavilion to shop in.

Sorry but no pictures today. I was thinking I might run around down town and take some pictures today if it warms up at all. The city is just beautiful in winter.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The things that cross my mind

So it’s 3 am and I wake from a pretty nice dead sleep. And a joke pops into my head.

Unknown person: “So, pretty good on the puppy progress.”
Newt: “Thanks, we’re trying pretty hard.”
Unknown person: “Yeah, I tried so hard my puppy progressed into a cat.”

So this is what wakes me up. I dream a bad joke.

And now I am pretty much wide awake. And I also realize that the hubster is not in bed. He must have fallen asleep on the couch with the cat. As happens quite often. Plus he hasn’t been feeling good so he may have stayed downstairs due to the sneezing and stuffiness.

So now I REALLY can’t sleep. I turn on the light to read. BIG mistake. Huge! Too bright. Eye’s aren’t as awake as the rest of me. Not to mention that Sophie is squinting at me with looks of pure annoyance. Ok, let’s try reading with a book light under the covers.

Too stuffy………….

Well hell, now what do I do? If I get up and move at all the pups will hear and start barking. Which will wake up hubster.

Awwww crap. I guess I will just lay here.


At 4:15 the hubster comes up to bed. As I thought he didn’t want to keep me up since he was hacking and stuffy.

But apparently hacking and stuffy is okay at 4:15. I’m getting up in two hours anyway right?


Oh goody, it’s almost time to get up.


Radio: “It’s a breezy 17 degrees in the Twin Cities. Lot’s of sunshine but wind chill temp’s around 6 degrees…………”

Thank all that is good in this world that there is coffee.

Nuff said.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In Search of: The Stench

I shower daily, I swear, so I know it’s not me. But let me tell you, something stinks in the Bat Cave. Damn! And I mean DAMN! It’s not a constant stench. For that I would be more grateful. It would allow me to zoom in and find le’ stench. It’s more like the faint waftings of dead mouse. VERY dead mouse. Soon to stench worse dead mouse. The annoying part is the faint and wispyness of the smell. It’s not remotely constant. And I smell it in a few different directions. So, here was me, crawling around under my cube smelling this that and the other thing hoping to find the source.

It’s not in the file cabinet
Not the sneakers I keep here for my walks
Not the duck shoes I wore today into work
Nor the new fuzzy cute shoes I wore for the actual work day
Nor the other file cabinets.
It’s not under the desk
It’s not my clothes
I didn’t step in anything
It’s not on my desk surfaces
Not the fake plant in the corner
Not the other fake plant on the shelf
It’s not the holiday decorations I brought in this morning
Nor is it in any of the computer bags I have
It’s not my jacket
Or my sweater
Or my lab coat

I have scrubbed down all surfaces on my desk.I canned air cleaned the keyboards.

I might go insane…………………..

The guy on the opposite side of the wall is playing around with a bunch of chemicals. I am PRAYING that maybe it is him causing this smell. He has assured me his little project is finished tomorrow at the latest.

If not, then either I have a dead animal problem or my cube mate has an odor problem.

Speaking of the bat cave, here ya go:

Just so you can see how we are located in a room on the floor

If you look past the cubes in front you'll see the glass topped walls with white corner polls, yep, that's the Bat Cave. The picture below is looking into the batcave.

My lab coat:

My life's motto:

My babies cuddling:

It's blurry because she moved at the last second but it's still a funny pic of Lily:

Friday, November 24, 2006

Newt on the Loose

Getting up at 4:45 to shop on Friday morning was totally worth it. It allowed me to bring you this:

Yes, that's right kids, Newt has gone digital. So, this will be a "Photo" blog if you will.

First of all, the weekend word challenge:

Thanks: (for always making my day a little brighter and full of a lot more laughter)

I couldn't fit everyone's blog header on the screen but you get the idea.
Also please note the sleeping Pretty Pretty Princess Puppy off to the left. I give thanks for her too.


I am grateful to have a roof over my head. According to statistics I found on the web:
Over a five-year period, about 2–3 percent of the U.S. population (5–8 million people) will experience at least one night of homelessness.
Worldwide: Over one billion people on the planet lack adequate housing, he said, while around 100 million have no housing whatsoever.

I am also grateful that I can read. Statistics I found on the web:
UNESCO estimates that 771 million adults worldwide are illiterate 2/3rds of which are women. In the US, nearly 1/2 of the population struggles at some level with illiteracy.

Self Portraits:

Random Photos:

Hubster and Soc's watching T.V.

Lights I put up at the house.

Caleb being cute

Close-up Caleb.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Giving Thanks

I am thankful for:

Hubster - for being my best friend. For never ceasing to amaze me. For thinking the exact same thing I do at the exact same time. For letting me get Caleb and Lily. For telling me I'm his beautiful baby. For making me feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

Dad - For calling me because you are thinking of me. And for seeing me as a person that understands life the same way you do. And for saying so when you call. You share your day with me, your happiness and your troubles because you know I will understand. And sometimes you ask me for advice. I'm not just your little girl, I'm your friend. And I cherish that. I'm a very luck girl to have you as a dad.

Mom - for being endlessly giving and thoughtful. You inspire me to be a better person to others. For being more selfless.

Boy J and R - for being friends that feel right at home.

Heather - Thank you for continuing to be my creative muse.

Mike - for being a cherished friend for so many years. And for still being my friend even after I invade your home. For the movies you recommend. For your encouragement and support. I wouldn't know what to do without you.

Jay and Scott - for being the amazing and inspiring couple that you are. For taking in amazing animals and giving them a home. Scott thank you for your amazing photographs. They take my breath away, sometimes literally. And Jay, thank you for painting my happy place. I look at it every day. And every day it makes me smile.

Tink - for making me laugh every day. And for being the beautiful person that you are. For your amazing look on life. You are an inspiration.

Cynical Bastard - For your creativity. For your humorous look at all of life. Through you I also got to know your mom and your sister. Two amazing people.

Kell - Thank you for being the book buddy I always wanted to have. For your strength. And for the beautiful stories that you tell.

Betty - Thank You for your stories. You have a way of describing Americana like know one else. Your stories are vivid, full of sight and sound and smell. And I love every single one of them.

Chelle - for your beautiful look on life and how precious this earth is. For your love of animals. Your amazing photography. And for being the beautiful person that you are.

Graymama - for sharing your amazing little boy with us. And the love that you have in your life. For showing me just how amazing motherhood can be.

Susan - Thank you for your slice of life. I enjoy reading about your family. And you always put a smile on my face.

To many other bloggers - Thank You for sharing your life. Thank you for all the things you make me think about. All the ideas that I get from each of you. All of the splendid stories that you share.

To Sophie, Max, Caleb, Lily, Socs, Tink, Hobbes, Cassy, and little Max - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my house a home. And for making my time on this earth a life worth living.

I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving full of love. And pie..............

Half Days

The hubster and I took a half day off yesterday and we are doing so again today. We made the most of yesterday and the still “warm” weather we are enjoying here in MN. We hit up Target and bought way too much crap. Then he went and got his hair cut and I picked up a good 20 lb’s of puppy poop. We followed this up with some couple type activities (sorry TMI). Then we headed off to Ikea. Not to shop but for dinner – I was craving meatballs. It was a fun and tasty dinner. We go every so often, it’s cheap and it’s good. Then we curled up with the zoo and we watched Aeon Flux. I actually enjoyed this movie. I like Charlize Theron. It’s actually a film I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection. This isn’t a deep movie, it’s not thought provoking or anything, but I found it entertaining. When I make my beaded jewelry I like to either listen to the Ipod or put on a movie that I don’t need to pay much attention to. I just want to have something relatively entertaining going on in the background. Thus why I will watch Pirates, or Italian Job, 13th Warrior, MIB, or a variety of chick flicks over and over again while I make jewelry. For me it’s a complete relaxation package.

Today after we cut out of work we are going over to Bills Imported foods. This little greek grocery store is another good reason to live in MN. I’m hoping they have some of their herb flat bread. Can you say YUMMY! And of course we have to pick up some desserts baklava and such. Cheese, olives, the usual.

I also found out from my sister-in-law that she is baking not one but TWO of her chocolate pecan pies. It’s an orgasmic experience. And one that we look forward to all year. She is also making her baked cauliflower dish that it out of this world. The hubster and I will be bringing assorted cheese and crackers. We will get Feta from Bills and then probably pick up some other cheeses at Byerlys.

Byerly’s is an interesting shopping experience. They are the epitome of yuppiedom. Carpeted grocery stores that charge an arm and a leg for everything. Pretty much the only reason we go there is for their deli items. Their pasta salads and other deli items really are second to none. And they have an extensive selection of fine cheese. So when push comes to shove we put on our big kid panties and we go inside. If we get out without killing some yuppie parent whose child the world is supposed to worship than it’s been a good shopping day. You know the type I’m talking about. They have an SUV or three, they barely make their mortgage payment on their overly huge and ostentatious McMansion, and they had children strictly for appearances. They define the expression “keeping up with the Jones’s.

Aside from Bill’s I’m not sure what other kinds of trouble we will get into today. It’s supposed to be upwards of 60 degrees so we should probably take the pups for a walk or something noble like that.

Which brings me to my last and final thought for today. Please remind me in February when I am getting pissy and cranky about the long long winter that November was simply gorgeous and we got very very lucky with our weather.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Hubster

The hubster knows I blog. He knows that I talk about our daily chaos and the like. He has never read my blog. I don’t think he really has any interest in doing so. But if we have a bizarre discussion he tends to start referring to himself in the third person as the hubster. He knows that the bizarre will get put into cyber space.

He surprised me last week with a very special gift. While I was out with the girls he took all the computers and hard drives we had in the house and went in search of something that went missing/lost 7 years ago. It was a copy of our wedding vows. The judge had liked them so much that he kept the copy we gave him at the ceremony. Apparently we weren’t smart enough to print off more. And then we forgot to print them off. And then we replaced the computer. So basically they got forgotten about. But it’s one of those things that has bugged me. And every once in a while we say that we will go in search of them. But then we get lazy and the vicious cycle begins again. But for whatever reason last week in went in search of them. And then emailed them to me. So that when I got into work on Friday I would have a very special surprise. And boy was I surprised. And then I read them, and then I cried. So here ya go folks. Our wedding vows:

[Introduction and greeting to guests]

We are gathered together to unite Hubster and Newt in marriage. This is but the outward sign of an inward union of hearts and, as such, marriage is the most tender of all relationships in life. What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined….to strengthen each other….to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.

Each of you here has given something of yourself into their lives. Your love, guidance, and encouragement will forever be appreciated. Hubster and Newt are both thankful that you are here today in this celebration of their commitment to each other to live their lives as one.

[To the parents of bride:]

To Newt’s mother Hubster would like to say Thank you. Thank you for giving her life, for giving her beauty, for giving her the sweetness he adores, and for giving her the good sense to say Yes. And to you, her father, he promises to honor and protect her, though he will never replace you in her life or in her heart. And he shall love her for as long as they both shall live.

[To the parents of the groom:]

To Hubster’s mother Newt would like to promise you that she will love and protect him, this son, who is always a part of your heart, whose life is a part of your life. She will give him joy and trust, laughter and solace, compassion and strength. To you, his father, she would like to say thank you, for his wit, for his knowledge, and for teaching him the good sense to wait until the best came along.

[To the couple:]
Dear Hubster and Newt:
In being here today, you are performing an act of faith in each other, a faith which will grow, mature, and endure. Cherish and build on the hopes and dreams you now hold. Stand fast together in hope and confidence, believing in yourselves and in each other. You will create a union that will radiate between you, giving new hope, happiness, and strength to you and those around you. It is in the union of marriage that the little things are the big things. It is never being to old to hold hands. It is remembering to say “I LOVE YOU”. It is never going to sleep angry. It is at no time taking the other for granted.

The union of marriage is having a mutual sense of values and common objectives. It is standing together facing the world. It is forming a circle of love that gathers in the whole family. It is doing things for each other, not in the attitude of duty or sacrifice, but in the spirit of joy. It is speaking words of appreciation and a demonstration of gratitude in thoughtful ways. It is not looking for perfection in each other. It is cultivating flexibility, patience, understanding, and a sense of humor. It is having the capacity to forgive and forget. It is giving each other an atmosphere in which each can grow. It is a common search for the good and the beautiful in life.

And it is in this spirit that I ask you to turn and face each other.

Hubster, do you take Newt to be your wedded wife, to share your life with her, and do you promise to love, honor, and cherish her for as long as you both shall live?
If yes say, “I Do”

Newt, do you take Hubster to be your wedded husband, to share your life with him, and do you promise to love, honor, and cherish him for as long as you both shall live?
If yes say, “I Do”

Repeat after me:

I, Hubster take you Newt to be my wife / and I commit my life to you / including all sorrows and joys / all hardships and triumphs / all the experiences of life / a commitment made in love / kept in faith / and lived in hope.

I, Newt take you Hubster to be my husband / and I commit my life to you / including all sorrows and joys / all hardships and triumphs / all the experiences of life / a commitment made in love / kept in faith / and lived in hope.

Now the exchange of rings:

Hubster, repeat after me:
This ring I give you / in token of my devotion and love / and with my heart / I pledge to you / all that I am. / With this ring I marry you / and join my life to yours.
Newt, repeat after me:
This ring I give you / in token of my devotion and love / and with my heart / I pledge to you / all that I am. / With this ring I marry you / and join my life to yours.

In view of the exchange of vows and rings by Hubster and Newt, in the presence of witnesses – and family and friends – I pronounce you Hubster and Newt to be husband and wife.

[Kiss and Applause]

Until tomorrow,
So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend Recap

So, who out in blog land remembers when watches had to be wound? I thought of this Saturday night when I was putting mine on. And I wondered how many people remember it and then how many people didn’t know that at one time you would wind up your watch?

Of the 3 options for Saturday night I opted for the museum. The exhibit, “Passion for Paintings” is located in their new wing which is incredibly beautiful. Among other exhibits open for the evening was a photography one. What they put on display was two images from the same negative. Each developed slightly differently or at a different time.
The purpose being to show how much art is involved in developing the images on film.
It was fascinating.

Then this morning on MPR they were talking about the fact that film cameras are going the way of the dodo. Or that only the very high end cameras will still be produced. Yes this was inevitable in today’s instant gratification society but also it was a little sad to hear. I like film cameras. And I still feel that they take better pictures. But I know that digital has come a long long way. It’s just a little sad…………….Of course it took a few years but the phonograph made a come back when people finally figured out that music just sounds better off a record. I wax nostalgic.

Back to the museum. Surprisingly even the hubster enjoyed the exhibit. He thought the paintings were beautiful. It was also nice to be entirely among adults. Dressed up adults no less.

Which brings me to another thought. When the invitation – mailed, not emailed. Says “Cocktail attire” what would you wear? I did the little black dress and the hubster did suit and tie in muted fall colors. We were dressed appropriately. Suits, LBD’s, sequence covered tops, pant suits and even a few full length gowns were worn. But also present were jeans and sweaters – dressed up mind you, but jeans. The other interesting choice were the “hippy artists” for lack of a better description that dressed in the cargo/baggy cords, with grungy shirts. Of course the most interesting attire for the evening was the security guard in a dark suit with the Mohawk.

The only downer for the evening came when we ordered wine. Served in little plastic cups mind you. We got our wine and watched a $20 go across the counter with no change coming back. Most expensive glass of wine I have ever had. And it didn’t even dance with me. Or take me to dinner for that matter. The whole time we were drinking out little glasses of wine we thought “We are supporting the arts, we are supporting the arts………..”

All in all it was a wonderful evening. We got to dress up, spend an evening around adults with like interests, beautiful music filled the air as we walked around, and we got to see an amazing display of artwork.

Sunday was a quiet day. I put on a pot of coffee and then settled in to switch my blog to the new beta version. It went smashingly. It was easy. And I love some of the new features. It took me a bit to figure out where in the html code I could stick my personalized banner but several tries later I finally got it. I don’t understand html in the slightest so it is all done with a wing and a prayer.

I also worked on some bracelets that may get sold to a local jeweler. He asked me to bring in my work. He will either put it in his store or take it to a boutique at a casino. I was surprised and flattered by his offer. He noticed the bracelet on my wrist when I was in there on Friday and when he found out I made it the conversation just took off from there.

We watched a new Midsomer Murders last night and I must say I had a hard time following the story. Or, I should say, I had a hard time following who was related to whom. It was a great show as usual just a little more confusing than normal. Of course it probably didn’t help that I was embellishing a bracelet at the same time. Mysteries are not a good thing to only have half your attention on. Oh well.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Too easy

This is a test of the emergency newt system. Should this have been a real emergency no post would have appeared here. In fact, no blog would have appeared here.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stealing Meme's

Stolen from Kell who stoled it from Betty who might have stoled it from someone else.

Do Re Meme

1. Christmas tree: pine or cedar?
Cedar or any tree that smells absolutely fabulous.

2. Name two dumb things you did as a kid.
One would be decorating the grounds of a prison for an inmate -don't ask
The other would have to be walking across a very very long train bridge over a gully - 100's of feet down and no prayer if the train came.

3. What foods did your mom used to make that you will never, ever cook.
Scrambled eggs with vanilla

4. Describe the place you go to in your head when you need to calm down.
I went there one day and I never left.

5. Have you ever seen a ghost, or something you can't explain?
Yes, "Shhhh do you smell something?"

6. If money and image didn't matter, what would you do for a living?
Be a scientist on the Starship Enterprise - or be an artist

7. Did you ever fall off a horse and get right back on?
Real horse: I couldn't, the saddle fell off with me.
Analogy horse: Yes, but I changed horses and I love this one so much more.

8. What name did you call a sibling that was sure to start a fight?

9. Describe the events surrounding your first alcoholic drink.
I always had wine in temple but my first real alcohol drink outside of an adult environment was Whisky Sours. A friend made of pitcher of them. They were all playing in the pool and I was sitting on the side with my feet in the water. I drank the whole pitcher. Then fell in the pool. Then got taken home by a guy my dad had never seen before, pants in a ball in my arms. It was 4:30 in the morning and we were supposed to leave for the airport about an hour after that. Oh, wait, maybe I should have mentioned this for #2.

10. Have you ever had a wild animal as a pet?
No - why would you cage a wild animal?

11. Do you have a deep, dark secret?
Yes. but it's not dark, it's the secret that all women are supposed to be able to look back on with fondness.

12. Would you ever shoot a deer?
No not me not ever!

13. Do you return money if you get too much change?
If I figure it out, yes, but usually I don't count my change.

14. What puzzles you?
Total lack of accountability in parents these days. And the fact that they feel that the whole world is entitled to raise and worship their offspring.

15. How do/did you act toward a person you have/had a crush on?
I stalk them till they get a restaining order, and then after that I follow them at a discreet distance.

16. What makes you cry?
"While you were sleeping", "Love Actually", and "Two Weeks Notice" every time.

17. What's the best bargain you ever bought at a yard sale?
I don't think I have ever bought anything at a yard sale.

18. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?
As much wood as my husband could collect. Did I mention I have piles and piles of firewood in my back yard and no fireplace? Just a small outdoor fire pit that we use maybe twice a year.

19. If nobody is watching, would you run a stop sign?
No, I'm a goodie two shoes.

20. Do you believe in Hell?
Well, I've been told I'm headed there since I'm not a christian. And according to several of the evangelical loonies in this world a whole lot of other people are heading there as well. And since it's people that I would actually WANT to be with, I say it's probably the better place to be.

21. What material possession do you value most?
iPod. That’s too easy. Ask me another one. (I agree with Kell's answer)

22. Which day is better...Friday or Sunday?
Friday. All the rest and relaxation possibilities are in front of me, not ending.

23. Do you read a book more than once?
Not typically. I have re-read some of my high school required reading to see what all the fuss is about. As well as a series by George RR Martin because he had 7 years between book 3 and 4 and I felt I needed a refresher.

24. What is the greatest problem with today's society?
Technological entertainment has made many forget how to use their imagination.

25. How old were you when you first touched somebody else's hoohah?
Hoohah? Oh hell, I don't remember.

26. Would you ever skydive?
I'd probably get through the class, get the gear on, get in the plane, get to the jump site, and then chicken out.

27. Name 3 songs significant to your romantic life, and tell why.
"The Promise" by When in Rome - because it says it all
"A Matter of Trust" by Billy Joel - just after we met the hubster sent this in a mix, he wanted me to know I could always trust him.
"Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls - because we fell in love so fast and so deeply it was hard for people to understand if they had never experienced it before: as the lyrics say: "And I don't want the world to see me Cause I don't think that they'd understand When everything's made to be broken I just want you to know who I am"

28. Would you ever have plastic surgery?
Yes, I hate my nose. And someday my boobs will probaly drop down to my toes.

29. Does bigfoot/sasquatch/yehti exist?
Yes, didn't you see Monster's Inc.??

30. Are you a follower or a leader?
Depends, I'll follow if the leader has a brain, if not, then get out of my way, I'm taking over.

31. What's the worst thing you did when you were a kid?
Listen to my grandmother.

32. List three jobs you would never want to do.
Medical field, garbage collector, mail carrier

33. Coke or Pepsi?

34. Where would you live if you could move your family, friends, and job there?
England but I really only need Hubster and the babies to be able to go. Family can visit and jobs can be found.

35. Is three really a crowd?
Not if it includes me, and Johnny Depp, Gerard Butler, and or Colin Firth

36. What kind of interpersonal interaction repulses you?
PDA's if they include grinding, or tongue - get a room!

37. Who would you rather spend an hour with, a writer or an entertainer?

38. Which calendar appeals to you:
Winnie the Pooh

39. What would you do if life gave you lemons?
Make another sidecar. Duh.................speaking of which........pause in typing whilst I have a sip.................ahhhhhhhhhh.

40. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I live in Minnesota now don't I????????

41. Did you ever wish on a falling star, and have the wish come true?
Yes, see #40

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday ramblings

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Last night me and the girls went to the mall for our monthly girly get together. We tried Pucks Express for dinner. It wasn’t bad. They have a fabulous variety of food and the prices are quite reasonable. ($6-8 range) Especially considering this is all in the mall where even McDonalds cost you more than normal.

We also explored a little shop there called PB Loco. And we had SO much fun. We sampled some very unique peanut butter mixes. (including sun dried tomato) And they gave us a piece of their feature sandwich – Smore’s. OH MY STARS! It was amazing. Here’s what they do – take two pieces of wheat bread smear them with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff then sprinkle on chocolate chips, crumble graham cracker and then take the sandwich (shmush it a little) and then grill it. Alright, so it’s a diabetic shock waiting to happen but DAMN was it good.

I know you will all be shocked to hear that I found a fabulous pair of shoes. Black pumps with white stitching and a sexy little diagonal buckle thing going. They are actually one of the more grown-up “corporate America” pairs of shoes now in my closet. I tried to find a picture of them on the internet but didn’t have any luck. I modeled them for Girl J and she made a comment that went something like – “Oh bitch, you HAVE to get those, those are fabulous, just fabulous.” So of course I listened to her.

50 cent crack whore
I have started to pull together my “Paris Hilton” outfit for the trip to California with Lily. I have found a fabulous faux fur vest in a snow leopard like print. I also found a fabulous and huge pair of black earrings. At this point the plan is to wear the vest with a black shirt underneath, jeans, and then a pair of black boots. Understated and not quite the 50 cent crack whore I was going for but still for me, WAY out of my normal comfort zone.

On the Puppy Front
The pups are doing marvelous right now. Caleb is getting more comfortable with us. We had our morning session of playing ball and today when I went to gather up all his little stuffed toys for another round of toss he didn’t shy away from me. Normally when I gather balls he scoots far away from me if one of the balls is close by. But this morning he allowed me to pick them up and he didn’t move away. That’s HUGE.

Lily loves to be on the couch with me. She is huge into what we have coined “Schnuffeling” in which she wriggles around burying her little nose in the couch cushions, under our arm, under our leg. And while she is doing that her whole body contorts and wiggles. It’s too cute. If Sophie is up with me (which she usually is) then she schnuffels all over and around and under her too.

New Blogger
I have decided I will take the big leap and switch to the new blogger over the weekend. That way I have several hours to tweak and play. I have copied into a word document my entire blog history so that if I loose everything I still have a record of all the crap I blogged about. And I have copied all of my links and the info for my stats. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and jump in with both eyes open wide.

I need a maid or maybe just a miracle
I’m also hosting Saturday Breakfast with my girlfriends. This should be interesting. I will have to figure out a way to make the house presentable enough that they don’t feel the urge to call the health inspector. But to do this I have to get up at the crack of dawn that same day. To even think that I can clean a day or two before is just ludicrous. Hell, I can’t even clean up stuff in the morning without Lily trailing behind me grabbing everything up and taking it back to the living room. It’s hopeless. Of course it cracks me up that as I clean a path through my living room the path is returning to it’s original disastrous state right behind me. Sigh……………..

Gone Fish'n
I think Newt’s Muse will be closed tomorrow due to having to go out in the field and train a group of service techs. I love these training days. They are a nice break from routine. And best of all – I get to wear grubbies. Chick operating heavy machinery HERE I COME!

Monday, November 13, 2006


My friend Mike upgraded to DSL. He talked about his progress or reluctance to make progress with technology. And that's ok. I tend to be like that too. Well, that and we are cheap.

But when I think about some of the technology we have now I am very thankful for the ease or comfort it has brought to my life.

DSL really is nice for internet surfing. After working at a company with a T1 line it's hard to go home to dial-up.

DVD's - I like this technology for a couple of reasons. DVD's last longer than videos. And are far less temperamental between machines. The biggest thing I like about DVD's is the portability. I can take a movie on a plane. God bless it, they are worth it just for how fast they make the flight go.

Cell Phone - In all honesty I could care less about having a cell phone. I got it for one reason. Security. Winter security to be exact. The one thing I have never gotten over is winter anxiety. The idea of being stuck somewhere in 20 below weather was really really unnerving to me. When the news says exposed flesh WILL freeze what do you do if your car breaks down? And even though we are in the heart of the Twin Cities it is still relatively rural in parts. I could be looking at a very long walk or a very long wait in the car. I sat down a couple of years ago and told the hubster that I was very happy in Minnesota and I wouldn't trade it for the world but after 5 years I was still nervous about winter and getting stranded. So he got us phones. And now I am fearless.

The bonus to a cell phone - getting to talk to my folks. My dad and I call each other whenever the whim hits. And it's fun. We love to call each other when we see things that make us think of the other. Like pink flamingos in front of a mansion. Or pink flamingos at the zoo. Or when we are in Barnes and Noble and spot a book that we think the other needs to read. Or if we spot a pink flamingo in Barnes and noble. IT COULD HAPPEN!

Ipod - I've said it before and I will say it again. I LOVE MY Ipod. I love that I have 1221 songs on it. I love that I can play One Thing over and over and over and over. And then I can switch almost instantly to Mozart. I love taking it on a plane because no one talks to you. And it makes the ride so much more enjoyable. And I love that I can listen to it at work and drown out the Negative Ninny that works next to me. Then I can take that same said little Ipod, go to the library and read my book in total peace with classical music in my ear. I don't have to lug around different cd's to do this. It's all in one tiny little box. And it's marvelous.

Laptop - I love that I could watch Studio 60 tonight and catch up on all my blog reading. Oh, and see that thing with DVD about taking it on a plane. My laptop makes that possible.

Scanners - I love that I can scan photos and send them to my family. That I can post them on the web. That I can store them "forever" safely on a hard drive.

Digital Camera - Someday I'll be able to blog about how wonderful this technology is. But today is not the day. I'm still a film camera girl......

Monday Mayhem


Have to get to work for a meeting at 8. Has anyone ever tried to get MY hubster out the door early? It’s impossible. I even dragged my sorry ass out of bed at 5:30 this morning to try to help the process along. I was shooting for a 7:15 leave time. We got out the door at 7:35. I arrived at work at 7:50. So I had just enough time to go up to my office, change shoes, de-fur my clothing and run upstairs for the meeting.

This did not give me time to get REAL coffee for a four hour meeting. Yes 4 hour meeting. All I had was the swill in the pot here at work. And that is NOT a good thing.


How is it that I have nothing to do 364 days a year. But then there comes one day, one night actually in which all good things that I would love and enjoy doing all happen at once.?????

The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra is giving this amazing concert of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy this coming Saturday at the absolutely incredible St. Mary’s Basiclica in Minneapolis. We bought tickets in February. And it has since sold out. It’s one of those once in a lifetime sorts of concert spectaculars!

But then I was looking at when I could go see a new gallery show at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. And they are having a gala evening with wine, food, dancing, etc. all surrounding this art show. It’s after hours. It’s all adults. And because we joined the museum it wouldn’t cost us anything. A perfect adult evening. But, yes, it is on Saturday night.

And now, my boss just emails me and asks me if I wanted to go to the Wild game. There are two tickets available. And these aren’t just tickets. They are seats in the company box. The very exclusive, very good view, very NEVER going to be offered again to me club seats.


At Victoria’s secret they have these nightshirts. It’s a long sleeve sleepshirt and I am in love. I got one a few weeks ago and I have been living in it. I picked up another one last night and let me tell you, it was very hard to get out of bed this morning. Go out and treat yourself girlfriends! They are $22.50, they are located on tables right when you walk into a store. They are wrapped up with ribbon. And they really are FABULOUS!
Oh, and they run big (too big). So go a size down from what you normally wear.


My little boy decided to revert back to day one this morning. We couldn’t go near him. And he wouldn’t go near us. I have no idea what caused this set back. He has been doing so well. I am confident that he will be okay when we get home. But this morning he didn’t want to play ball. And he always plays ball with me in the morning. And he wouldn’t go outside to go potty. Nor would he come in once we got him out. It’s very odd. But just like Lily bounced back from her weird day I am sure he will too.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Frivolous Firday

So yesterday when I posted about my last hurrah in the warm weather I forgot to talk about THE most important part of that perfect night. The hubster made me a drink. It’s my new favorite. It’s called a sidecar. And it is MARVELOUS! Though my hubster “girlies” it up for me by adding a little more triple sec.

Conversation with the hubster:

Newt: “So at work today I was talking with S about love. And she and I both had been through almost the exact same scenario in our first marriage. And we both met our current hubsters while we were still waiting for the divorce to be final. AND we both knew within hours that we wanted to be with the hubsters for the rest of our lives.”

“Then we talked about having to give advice to people that ask “So how do you know” and we both agreed that if you have to ask that question you are with the wrong person. And then we talked about how awkward it can be to try to explain that to someone because you hate to see them make the same mistake but maybe they have to.”

Hubster: “Oh, it’s easy to explain to a girl about just knowing. All you have to tell them is: Ok, you know when you go to a shoe store and you see a pair of shoes and from the second you see them you just know you have to have them? well, love is the exact same way.”

Newt: “Ok, that’s actually a pretty perfect way to explain it. But how do you explain it to a guy?”

Hubster: “Well, you tell a guy, you know when you try a beer and it’s the best tasting beer you have ever had? And you know you can’t go home without a six pack, or a case of the stuff? That’s what “You’ll know” is like.”

Blog Stats


Highest hit day: October 10th with 86 hits
This was the day I blogged about the Star Trek auction

Search terms that brought people to my site:
“You’re the puzzle piece behind the couch that makes the sky complete” I don’t know what the heck caused this to link to me. But I LOVE the expression. It’s apparently in a song or the title of a song by the Lemon Heads. As well as a blog title by an Australian blogger.

November search terms:

“Do Newts get ick.” – does grey hair count?

“newt losing toes and paws” – frozen toes maybe, but haven’t lost any

“keys inbetween boobs” – never tried keys before. Don’t really intend to either.

Syndrome de goutreaux” – uh? I have no response to that

“Subaru throat plate” – Didn’t know my putt-putt had one of those.

Have a marvelous weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Saying Goodbye

To fall that is. Yesterday we hit 70! Wow and yippee! The best part of it was that it stayed that way late into the night. Ok, not all the way at 70 but warm none the less. The hubby and I spent what remained of daylight after we got home outside in our backyard. I read, he smoked his pipe, the dogs ran around, and the cats stalked a mole.

My stellar moment of grace came when I went to see where Socrates had wandered off to. The hubster was watering our trees (we haven’t had any rain in a couple of months) and so I leaned down by the pine tree looking for him. No Soc’s. Oh well. He’ll show up eventually. So I went back to my chair. I sat down and WHOA what’s this? My butt is totally wet. Oh man, did Lily pee on my chair? Sniff sniff – no, it’s not pee. Wait a minute………………go back to side of house where hose is………….Yep, small jet spray of water leaking out of faucet. RIGHT where my big ol’ butt was when I was looking for the cat……………grumble grumble………….go inside and change……..

After changing clothes, drying off my chair and reading another page or two I went in to quickly cook up dinner. Ate it while watching Dharma and Greg and then I grabbed my Ipod and the pups and went back out. I just couldn’t stay inside.

So, here’s me sitting in the dusky darkness. Singing quietly to myself. Dancing in my chair. This is why I want a privacy fence. It would have been the perfect night to have a moon dance. (I had even de-pooped the lawn so the whole yard could have been my dance floor). It was just a perfect night. Lightly cloudy. Big mostly full moon. Soft breeze.

What I listened to:
In the Waiting Line by Zero 7
How we Operate by Gomez
Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen
You Dance by East Mountain South
The Border by Mr. Mister
Come on Closer by Jem
Let Go by Frou Frou
All Good Things by Nelly Furtado
New Slang by The Shins
They by Jem
This is a Rebel Song by Sinead O’Connor
Breathless by The Coors
One Thing by Finger Eleven
Burn by Alkeline Trio
Finishing with:
The Only Living Boy in New York by Simon and Garfunkel

Alas it got late and the pups were getting restless so I went inside. Knowing that more than likely this was the last hurrah for the season. It’s not a bad winter when we can go coatless into November.

So now I focus on the good things about winter:

1. Hot chocolate
2. Winter Solstice
3. Chocolate pecan pie
4. Going home to visit family
5. Chirstmas
6. New season of 24
7. New season of Stargate
8. Snuggling
9. A blanket of snow outside, a blanket of warmth inside and a good book
10. ice skating at lunch (my company sponsors a free rink in the middle of St. Paul)
11. taking the dogs to the skating rink and watching them slide all over
12. Fuzzy sweaters
13. Boots – boots – and more boots
14. shoveling snow – yes, I actually like it
15. walking in the snow hand in hand with hubster
16. Crystal clear star filled skies
17. Winter Carnival

43 days till Winter Solstice

***Newt note: I LOVE winter solstice because after this, the days get longer.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Finger Eleven - One Thing

So what would be your one thing?

I love this song, and this video. I'm not sure why. I can't hear it enough though.

Read about our playing hooky yesterday below:

Timeless Tuesday

The hubby and I played hooky Tuesday. It was fun. We do this every few months.

This time around we decided to head off to the local zoo. I had a need to play National Geographic Photographer…………..

Sorry, no pictures, they are on film. But I did take 3 rolls worth. So at some point when they are developed I’ll be sure to post them.

It was another amazing warm day in the cities. About 60 degrees and partly sunny. A sweatshirt was more than sufficient for our walk around the zoo.

First and foremost we almost had the place to ourselves. That alone was fabulous. Secondly the temperature was mild enough (not too hot nor too cold) that all the animals were out and about. I took some fabulous shots of one of the tigers sunning on a rock. Even the wolves were out. The last two times we have gone they were no where to be seen.

The zoo is building an expansion – Russia’s Grizzly Coast. It looks like it’s going to be very cool when it is finished. Stolen from the Zoo’s website:

Amur Tiger

Japanese Macaque (Snow Monkey)
Two babies were born this spring. They are very adventurous little guys. It was fun to watch them play. The interaction among the adults with the little ones was fascinating. When one was getting to rambunctious he got scolded by an adult. So like any good toddler he ran and hid behind mom. But two seconds later was at it again testing his boundaries with the other monkeys.

Bactrian Camel

Matschie's Tree Kangaroo - they are cute little buggers.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Deja Vu and dreams repeating

Deja Vu:

A distributor called me last week and asked me to identify some parts to one of our systems. He was having a hard time figuring it out so he wanted to send them. Which he did. So I opened up the envelope and out falls two parts. One of which is a part manufactured by the company I used to work for two years ago. It is also the company that my husband currently works for.

Ok, so a little weird. I know exactly what the part is but there are two odd things about it. One, I can't find it anywhere in the manuals. And second, they are using it for a not so intended purpose.

For a moment there when the part fell out onto my desk I didn't quite know where I was. I mean, this was typical mail in my old job. But to have the first and only part ever mailed to me at this new job be a part from my old job. Well, that's just too weird.

I'm looking around my cube to make sure that I am where I think I am. Or at least thought I was before I opened said envelope.

Confused? Me too.

Dreams Repeating:

Last night I woke up suddenly from a bad dream. I was driving too fast up a city street along with another small little black sports car. We came around a corner and there across the road was a jack knifed and flipped over fire truck. Thankfully I was in the left lane and at a break in the median I was able to maneuver over into oncoming traffic. Miracle of miracles there were no cars coming toward me in my lane. As I whizzed by the flipped truck I knew that behind me the black car was making a horrific impact with the fire truck. I also remember seeing a fireman standing right in front of our oncoming cars. I do not know if he was hit or not when the black car crashed.

And then I woke up.

It was 3 am. And I had a very hard time falling back asleep. But I did so around 5. And I dreamed the exact same thing. Waking up startled again as the black car made impact.
The only thing that was different about this dream was that both of our cars had pulled out from a parking lot not too far from where the firetruck was overturned. Yet we still raced ahead. I still swerved into oncoming traffic, the fireman was still standing there, and the black car still made impact.

Do I even want to know what that was about? It sure rattled me. Kind of creeped me out to dream something so horrific twice.

Doggy Pounce

This morning while sitting in my favorite chair drinking coffee and reading my book Lily charged across the living room and dove into my chest. I saw her coming so I was able to keep the coffee in the mug. But while moving the mug out of the way I got drenched by a big wet slobbery dog lick across my face. Good thing she's only 9 pounds.

Bling'n out

I have decided to camp it up when I fly out to see mom and dad. I thought I would do my best Paris Hilton impression on my trip out. Yes, she makes my skin crawl, but I know I am painting the perfect picture by using her name. So, the dog carrier will be "Super Girly", I will wear leopard print. I will have my sunglasses on no matter how cloudy. There will be fur somewhere on my body (fake of course - I'm not loosing all my standards). And Lily will be decked out in her brand new fuzzy pink collar that Girl J just bought her in honor of my plot to be a spoiled desperate housewife. I mean, why be coy? Why not just jump whole hog into the stereotype.
That will be way more fun that having class and just bringing Lily in a black carrier that looks like a suitcase. I want to be a spectacle.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend recap

Living in Minnesota when we get perfect days we bask in them from sun-up to sun set. Especially if they occur in fall or in spring. This weekend we were blessed with amazing weather. We played outside with the pups. We finished cleaning out the garage and got BOTH cars inside it. Yes, you read that correctly, my four car garage now has a boat and two cars in it. Exactly what we wanted to have fit in there when we built the thing. The fourth stall is taken up by our wood shop. (just like we planned). How exciting is that? To not have to stand out in the freezing cold weather to remove the three inches of ice from the windows. The garage paid for itself the first morning we weren't scraping.

And of course, like a good little Minnesotan I ran out to the grocery store and got the fix'ns for burgers. If it's unexpectedly warm - you have to grill. It's a state law or something.

I raked up more leaves. Cut down more old growth. - Filled up two more paper lawn bags as well as the garbage can. Oh, and poop scooped.

We ate our burgers outside. And I read some of my latest book out on the porch.

Sunday ended with a Simpson's marathon and then a brand new Midsomer Murders! In celebration of the new Treehouse of Horrors and the new mystery we made tater tot hotdish.
And between me and the hubster, Boy J and R, we polished off the whole casserole dish. The hubster completed the perfect television evening by making up a batch of cherio crispie treats. They just seem healthier than rice krispie treats.

While watching the Simpson's we were trying to figure out a voice. And so I googled the new episode. Well, the voice was Richard Lewis but what was interesting was the number of articles about the "Political message" in one of the little stories. And that only days away from elections they make a statement about "the occupation". If people haven't figured out by now that the Simpsons is one giant political undertone they aren't watching enough. Or those brain cells ain't rubbing together. Good lord, they cover everything. Heck, you name the controversy, there is an episode for it. I think the last one to garner so much media was the one about gay marriage. I think after just about every episode I try to remember to google the show to see who is crying in their milk over what was said.

"Save Me Jebus"
"Commander Coo-Coo Bananas"
"SSCCATAGAPP" (Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples And Teens And Gays Against Parasitic Parents)
All classic issues to come out of the Simpsons.
For more on these issues: - Politics and the Simpsons - Religion and the Simpsons

Lastly, Lily got her first bath and she looks super cute all white and puffy.
She is also booked on a flight with me to San Diego to see my family next month.
We'll see how that goes. I am assuming she will make enough progress over the next month to go with me to see family. And I think Caleb is becoming so attached to Sophie that he will do okay with Lily gone for a few days. My Aunt would really like to see Sophie too but she is too big to go as carry on and I would hate to put her in the bagage compartment. So, it will be Lily this trip. My Aunt and Uncle are SO excited that I am bringing her. My aunt had a sheltie when she was growing up so she just loves that I have sheltie mixes.

Oh, and the other big puppy progress, Caleb jumped up and layed down right next to me on the couch and let me pet him for most of a show we were watching. This was the longest session with him yet............

Friday, November 03, 2006

Steve - a tribute to a great man

This post is dedicated to Steve. He's the waiter that I have known for 7 years, or so. He works at my favorite restaurant inside the Mall of America.

My friends and I always eat at the same place and we always ask for him. His level of service is par excellance. But on top of that over the years we have become friends as well.

Steve is a huge Star Trek fan. He and I love to geek out and chat Trek. He also loves to tell me about his garden, his family, and his dessert baking. He always wants to see the latest pictures of our families (including my puppies).

It took him several years but after a while he felt comfortable enough around us to let us know he was gay. He doesn't date. Doesn't want to date. But after he told us that so much more of his personality and of himself seemed to come out during our visits.

Steve had to have a triple by-pass not too long ago so he was absent from the restaurant for a while. It just wasn't the same. We still ate there but it was as if the place was missing it's soul. It was no longer our place, it was just a restaurant.

I might have mentioned it but a few months back I was at the mall walking around and he was working. I stopped to say hello and give him a hug. He dragged me to the back and shared with me some of the cookies and bars he had made. They were delicious and I was touched that he would do that. His friendship and camaraderie are real. It’s not just because I am a tipping customer.

Last night for work we went there for dinner. Steve was our waiter. As always the service was excellent. Some of our guests didn’t take the dessert they offered. So I asked Steve to grab me one of the pieces so I could take it home to the hubster. He grabbed me all the pieces that didn’t get eaten. It was a lot of dessert and the hubster was thrilled when I brought it home.

The gentleman that helped Steve with our table was also a very sweet man. He packed up all of the leftovers for me. Adding sauce to one dish because he thought it was a little “Dry”.

Overall this has always been an exceptional restaurant. But with Steve it’s the best on earth. I enjoyed last night immensely because his kindness and his professionalism just glows.

I am always amazed at the places and situations in which we find our friends. And anyone that dismisses people due to their chosen profession misses out on many amazing people.

I have always lived with the philosophy that you can tell a lot about a persons character by they way they do two things:
Treat animals
And treat service professionals

If you ever come to Minnesota I’ll be sure to take you to dinner with Steve. I know you’ll love him as much as I do.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I've been reading a book called Monkey Hunting by Cristina Garcia. In the book she tells the story a Chinese man who left his home for a life in Cuba. He was lead to believe that he was going to Cuba on a "gilded" road that would lead to incredible riches only to find himself enslaved on a sugar plantation. The story covers about 100 years of his life and those of his descendants.

What struck me about this story, or I should say, what this story reminded me of is how incredibly sheltered and unbelievably fortunate I have been in my life.

I have never known hunger. I have never known the feel of a leather strap destroying the skin on my back. I have never had to sleep on a lice infested pallet. I have never been subjected to the hateful anger of a person that will punish me just for being alive. My feet were not bound to keep them small. Nor was I sold by my family when I was 5 so that they would be able to eat. My marriage was not arranged. I have never had to sell my body to survive. I have never had to go to war.

This is not the focus of the story by any means. It's more about the loves and lives that the main character and his subsequent generations experienced. But each generation seems to experience something that I have always been sheltered from.

Even when I look at the bad things in my life I also realize how incredibly lucky I was to be born in the time and place I was. I was born in a time of modern medicine in a modernized nation.

When I was younger I had burns on my ankle severe enough to require grafts. The injury could have been far more debilitating and maybe even deadly had I not been in a place with modern medicine.

Even more basic, I have required glasses since I was very young. Thankfully it was something that was easily fixed. But had I lived in another time, or in a less advanced civilization I may never have seen clearly my whole life. Even more, a few years ago I had Lasik surgery. Again, I am thankful for the technology, and for the job that allowed me to afford the surgery.

The fact that I am left handed. I come from a time when being a south paw was okay. Less than a generation before me a left handed child was looked upon as "defective" and in need of correction. My uncle spent his school years with his hand tied behind his back so that he had to learn to do everything "correctly".

How about my divorce? I live in a time when I am protected by laws. And I had family to help me through that horrible time. My ex couldn't "kill" me so that he could move on to his new twinkie. There was a time when a wife was property to be done with as the man pleased. Nor could he leave me empty handed and destitute. Laws protected me.

I have never had to see military tanks roll down my road. I have never had to fear bombings or air raids. I have never had to darken my house and hide in the basement. I have never been harassed by a soldier with a gun for being on the street.

I have also had the freedom to experience any and every religion available. I went to the Jewish Temple in broad day light. I didn't have to hide in someone's basement to practice my faith. I have been to a newborn Christian church in which people flailed on the ground and screamed in tongues. I have been to mass. I have been to a church that played their music with kazoos. Yes, you read that correctly, kazoos. I could go to a Muslim mosque tonight if I wanted to. Or to a Buddha temple if I so pleased. I could dance to the light of the full moon, or celebrate the rights of spring. And most importantly, I was able to be married legally outside of a church. I didn't have to be married by "God" for my relationship to be accepted.

Speaking of marriage, before I was married I live in a time and culture that allows me to live with my significant other in "sin" There are no ramifications for our choice.

Nor do we have to restrict the sexual relationship that we have. Our love has no limits and no boundaries. We will not be arrested or even executed for any of the acts between us.

And as I look into the eyes of my puppies while they chew on their bones I realize how perfectly lucky I am. And how sheltered, and how blessed my life really has been.

Oh, and as my computer just went into hibernation and I thought I just lost this entire post. I guess I should also be thankful for the technology I can enjoy today AND for the fact that I have electricity.