Friday, March 31, 2006

My Forte'

Some people can sing, some dance, other’s can draw, write, garden, decorate, some people have style, and others have an electric personality. Some people have perfect make-up, great hair, beautiful nails, or a great body. Everyone has something.

Much to my husbands chagrin and to the detriment of our bank account my forte’ would appear to be shoes. Some time in my 30’s a gene I didn’t know existed within my cells turned itself on. Up until that time I could care less about clothes, shoes, style, etc. And I distinctly remember making fun of the girls in school that would stand in a circle and try on each others shoes. P-A-L-E-A-S-E! Back then, and for the most part now, I was never girly and I hated all things girly. But damn if that gene didn’t kick on and now I like floral prints, I care about my make-up, and I am addicted to shoes.

Now, I do a crappy job with the make-up and because our house is pretty much established in it’s disastrous and unfixable state I can’t go hog nuts on the florals. But what I can do is shoes.

And damn it, I do it well. Almost daily I get a comment in the elevator about my “great shoes” in fact yesterday a guy mentioned how cool the shoes I had on were. A guy! And that wasn’t the first time.

Now in my defense I am at least sensible enough to not spend a lot of cash on shoes. My average pair costs less than 20 bucks. And I have only spent over 30 on a pair maybe 5 times. And one of those was for my wedding. Also, I wear shoes until they fall apart. I am not one of those people that wears shoes for a season and tosses them. I have shoes back from the early 90’s that I still wear.

I like shoes with personality, color, pattern, or anything that sets them apart from the basic pump or sneaker. I don’t go for glitter, sequins, or gold lame’. I love high heels and strappy sandals.

Sure, it’s shallow and pretty pathetic but life is short – find your joys and run with it.
I have found mine: Hubby, puppies, kitties, reading, and……

Friday ponderings and musings

It is cruel, you know, that music should be so beautiful. It has the beauty of loneliness & of pain: of strength & freedom. The beauty of disappointment & never–satisfied love. The cruel beauty of nature & everlasting beauty of monotony.
Benjamin Britten

Beware of those angels with their wings glued on.
Billy Corgan

I’ll always remember 1995 as the year I found out Star Trek wasn’t real
Daniel Johns

Sometimes the lights all shining on me and other times I can barely see, lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip it’s been
Grateful Dead

You’re the puzzle piece behind that couch who makes the sky complete

We are all of us living in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars
Oscar Wilde

I think it’s probably a good thing to be considered stable, but with a capacity for madness
Wayne Coyne, The Flaming Lips

Love, in all its fragile forms, is the one powerful, enduring force that brings real meaning to our everyday lives.…but the love I mean is the fire that burns inside us all, the inner warmth that prevents our soul from freezing in the winters of despair.
Bradley Trevor Grieve, “The meaning of life?

For what is the beloved? She is that which I myself am not. In the act of love, I am pure male, and she is pure female. She is she, and I am I, and clasped together with her, I know how perfectly she is not me, how perfectly I am not her, how utterly we are two, the light and the darkness, and how infinitely and eternally, not-to-be-comprehended by either of us is the surpassing One we make.
DH Lawrence

Thursday, March 30, 2006

A little love talk

I met my husband in 1998. We both can honestly say that we just knew when we met each other that it was right. When couples just starting out ask us how we knew the time was right to get married we tell them that we always knew. That it isn’t a feeling you have to wait for or grow into. And even though I had to move 2,000 miles to be with him leaving behind family, friends, career, etc. I knew that what I was gaining was worth it. I was gaining forever and a day with the one I loved truly, madly, and deeply. And every once in a while something reminds me of those moments almost 8 years ago when I was smittenly, crazily falling in love. I jumped in whole heartedly even though part of me was scared to death. And I haven’t regretted a moment of my life since then.

Before I moved to MN I got the impression from a few people that I was making a mistake. That you can’t possibly fall in love with someone “over the phone” and that you need months of face to face time to be sure. We spent a grand total of two weeks and two days face to face and 3 months of nightly phone calls before I moved permanently to MN. Because our beginning was not public, occurring mostly over a phone line, I sometimes felt like he was my special secret.

Goo Goo Dolls
And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
Cause sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything seems like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know your alive

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am
I just want you to know who I am

Literary Love at first word

So, this morning I read the last lines of the latest Simon R Green book in his Nightside series. Sharper than a Serpent’s Tooth. As with the previous stories I find these books to be a veritable pool of prose. Dive in and swim around in a most excellent story. These books are the definition of escapism. The world could go to hell in a hand basket and I wouldn’t know it. They are simply that good.

Now by good I don’t mean that they are Pulitzer Prize material. (Speaking of which I am now 90 some pages into the 2005 winner Kavalier and Clay) But rather they are good in the sense of thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining, funny, and creative to the point that the author must be a Mensa member. He has so many interesting ideas personified in these books.

Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

My dad always says that life is too short to waste on a bad book. I have put away just one of those books recently. It is James Hynes novel Kings of Infinite Space. The idea behind the story was sound. And I was anxious to read it. But something about it just doesn’t work for me. The annoying thing is there is some kind of creepy thing in the ceiling at the protagonists workplace which hinges the whole story together. So of course I want to know what the hell is up there and why all the weird shit happens to the guy but the actual act of finding out has become painful. I can’t even tell you why. It’s not badly written. But for whatever reason I am struggling.

It may simply be the fact that the main character drowned his girlfriend’s cat in the bathtub on purpose. (on the plus side though the cat haunts him and makes everything he owns smell like cat pee) But still you can’t rally around a person with that big of a character flaw.

So, the book will sit for now. I have a morning ritual with Sophie that includes her eating from her food bowl and me sitting next to her on the kitchen floor having a cup of coffee. I guess I could get through the story slowly but surely that way. I mean, I’m not doing anything anyway. Just sitting with my baby girl drinking coffee.

Happy reading.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ostrich’s bury their head, I hide in the basement

I promised my “white trash” (her words not mine) friend at work that I would watch Idol last night. I never have EVER before this. I am not a fan of the reality shows and have even grown disgusted with HGTV and other seemingly innocent cable channels that have joined in the trash t.v. phenomenon.

I have caught a few minutes on and off of Top Model only because it comes on after Simpsons and I am too lazy to get up, find the remote and change it. I’m either engrossed in a beading project or a Soduko puzzle and can’t be bothered with the t.v. Grant you what I can hear on the screen makes me sad for women kind and when I hear them berate a tiny little girl who weighs 80 pounds soaking wet for being hugely fat and repulsive I wish I had a heavy object in hand to throw through the t.v. screen. Yes America, lets encourage girls to throw up the 3 carrots and water they consume during the day.

So, anyway, back to Idol. There are only two kids on the show that I would listen to if they had albums. Chris and Taylor get a thumbs up. Chris because I like the Creed/ Pearl Jam husky voice. And Taylor because he has a style like Dave Matthews or David Gray and personality in spades. Mandisa is also very good but I’m not a gospel girl.
Overall it wasn’t a painful hour but I don’t think I would do it again.

On the plus side since I was hiding in the basement so as to avoid my hubby making fun of me he did do the dishes, drug the cat, and start the dishwasher. Hmmm, maybe I need to hide more often.

And my friend at work is now happy.

The things we do for the ones we love…………………………

Monday, March 27, 2006

Movies and Mayhem

My hubby and I went to two movies this weekend. Typically we don’t even go see one in a month so this was a rare event indeed.

First up: V for Vendetta
Excellent movie, this is a thinking man’s movie. I must say though that there was just enough action and explosions to keep even the simple minded engrossed. I went into the film anxious to see what the entire hubbub was about in regards to all the political messages within the movie. The movie does have some very strong messages but I don’t think it is directed only at the current administration. It is directed at any government that stops governing for the people and instead governs for personal financial gain and causes.
This is definitely a movie we will add to our DVD collection.

Next up: The Libertine
I went to see this because it was a Johnny Depp film. And he did not disappoint me. Excellent acting all around. John Malkovich was equally superb as randy King Charles.
And the rest of the cast also gets a hats off. Also, the way the film was shot was interesting, grainy textures, playing with focus, perspectives, and color. And the set design and costume’s were wonderful. I have not seen a better portrayal of old London in any film. Right down to the ankle deep mud and rats.

However, and this is a big however, this film was WAY too long. A better editing job would have improved this film immensely. There were several scenes that went no where, were not followed up on and therefore should have been cut. Trust me, there was at least 30 minutes too many in this film.

The movie started out promising, had some very humorous moments and the overall idea was good. But I have to say again, way way way too long! I have only walked out on one film my entire life and this almost became #2. But in reverence for the great Depp we stayed the course.

Lastly because of travel and company I have not seen 24 in a couple of weeks. Thankfully my husband recorded the episodes for me and last night I got caught up. And all I can say is OH MY! It wasn’t until several hours later that I actually got my jaw hinged back in place. I go back to my description of this show:
I have no other way to describe it. They hook you in the first hour and don’t let you go.
The action never stops and the twists and turns keep on coming. Oy.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

In other thoughts

Well, it's good to know I'm not totally crazy. I thought that the voice over for AOL was Julia Roberts but I was assured by my hubby that it wasn't. She wouldn't do voice work for AOL, they just found someone who sounds like her. Ha Ha - it was her. And she got paid a ridiculous amount of money. As has Keifer Sutherland, Donald Sutherland and George Clooney. I knew the Keifer voice, because, well, it's Keifer, and he's well, he's a god among celebrity. Again my hubby tried to argue and say that it was just someone who sounds like him. And Ha - Ha - I was right again. They ran a news article on it on Yahoo news. That it is a trendy cash cow for celebrity right now.

So, aside from that, I am sitting here on this fine Thursday evening watching episodes of Star Trek Next Generation. The other celebrity voice that gives me tingles: Patrick Stewart. He also does oodles of voice work. As he should.

One of the four legged furries just came in the room and they stink. Ick. I probably don't want to know what they got into. Though now they look cute as hell all curled up on the couch and chairs. Nothing in the world is more peaceful than watching my babies sleep. Nothing but innocence and unconditional love.

Survey question? Is spilt a word?

As in: If something is spilt it won't sink into the stone immediately.

Finally some quiet time

It's been hectic and I haven't had a chance to write anything down as of late. Thankfully it looks like my career is safe for now. In fact I got a copy of my performance review and it was very favorable. Hopefully that means that as the changes come down the pike I am valued enough to be kept in some capacity or another.

The past three days have been spent helping conduct a training class. Monday we spent prepping for it and then Tuesday and Wednesday we ran the seminar. I never thought that I would fall in love with the field I am in and the things we do but I find that I have. It's not rocket science, it is rock science, and who'd have thunk that I would have fun being involved in it.

I was out at the Mall of America last night with my friend and I found myself studying the building and it's architecture more than the shoes and clothes in the stores. When the heck did that switch occur? Much like when I worked in the china industry you find yourself obsessed about the strangest thing. China industry folks are notorious plate flippers. We have to see what we are eating off of no matter where we are. And no matter how much food we spill in the process it's a serious compulsion to find out who made the plate.

I ran into a former china person during the seminar and we talked tableware for an hour. And we laughed about that damn plate flipping compulsion. Spookily enough the guy's family business was bought out by the company and person I used to work for. It's a small world. Very very small. Very very very small.

On a separate more girly note I did manage to get in some shopping at the mall. And the find of the day was a pair of Born sandals for $19.00! You can't touch those shoes for under $60. Or I should say, unless you wear a size 6 shoe I don't often see them on clearance. The leather is baby butt soft and soooo comfy. I can't wait till it warms up.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Meat market finds and hell on Earth

You know you pick a good hotel when there is a Starbucks and a Barnes and Noble right next door. So, last night I decided to relax at ye old meat market for the intellect. I frankly couldn't believe the number of people at the coffee shop and B&N on a Tuesday night. I joke about it being a meat market, but dang if it ain't actually true. Scores of tightly jeaned, sort topped chicks, as well as scores of fubu clad boys with their baggy pants around their ankles. Okay, so it wasn't that bad, they are at the intellectual meat market. So,to be fair their pants were actually pulled up to mid crack. And hair colors tended to be in the normal range. But tons of people. I left there at 10 something and there were still a good 150 or so folks of all ages at the store or in line for coffee. Wow. And this B&N isn't in the most heavily residential area. Where do they come from??

Well, while I was there I scored the paperback of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon. It won the Pulitzer Prize for literature 2005. So far so good, but I am only on page 10 and have quite a lot to go.

Today was a good work day, but I did discover the current location of hell. That would be the Denver International Airport Security gate. Not the one us normal sheep corral through on the way to a flight, no, I'm talking about the security gate that allows you to drive up onto the Airport grounds and meet with an employee there. Seriously, it took us an hour and a half to get our ID badges. And that was after we almost got backed into by the drunken corporate monkeys who couldn't find the rental car return. The old guy at the security gate had his head in their car explaining to them how to get to the rental car return, and swear to god the corporate howler monkey was driving in reverse backing up into our car with the guard still half in the driver window. And when my co-worker honked for him to stop backing up the guard actually pulled his head out of the other car and started yelling at us to back up too. It was very surreal. That is the best way I can describe this. Oh, and part of the problem with getting our ID badges was due to the chaos of getting all the people off the runway grounds that had come to the airport for a disaster/terrorism/alien invasion drill. They must have had every fire truck and ambulance within a 1,000 mile radius on the airport grounds. I didn't know there were that many ladder trucks in the country let alone in Denver. So again I can only describe the adventure today as surreal. Very very surreal.

And tomorrow I go home. I miss home. I miss my puppies. And I miss my love.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Doing Denver

Since I managed to hold on to my job last week I had a big business trip this week. So what do I do Sunday night? Somehow manage to close a cupboard door, like I have done for 30 some odd years now, only this time, my face was in the way. And I smacked the side of my nose so hard I saw stars and actually broke the skin. Needless to say I watched Poirot with an icecube attached to the side of my head. I really didn't need a black eye and purple nose when meeting clients for the first time. The post fight Rocky look, it just doesn't sell product.

Thankfully, the ice, and makeup made me look somewhat normal (or as normal as an ugly spud like myself can look). I couldn't do anything about the giant scab like spot where I had been bleeding, but it could have been SO much worse.

So, Monday, big snows in Minnesota. BUT, it is actually about the most snow we have had all winter so no one is really complaining. And it was the gorgeous snow that blankets all the bushes, trees, fences, and wires. Absolutely breathtaking, and the stillness in the air is amazing. It's as if the world was covered in a blanket of peaceful, silent white. There is nothing like it.

Grant you it couldn't have snowed at a worse time for me due to the fact that I had a plane to catch first thing in the morning, but I made it, safely, in one piece and that is ALL that truly matters.

So, Monday afternoon I find myself in the beautiful mile high city. I love Denver. The people are great and the city is just beautiful. I have been having a blast, meeting great people, and seeing some pretty amazing buildings.

Overall it has been a great trip, I'm learning a lot about the business practices in my newer position, techniques, processes, etc...And the people you meet are good people, down to earth, and very fun to be around.

Tuesday night our day ended at the court house. We were doing a demonstration so a lot of people were involved. So as with most government processes you see one guy working, and 10 people standing around watching him. Well, this was too interesting for a couple of the lawyers heading home for the day so they had to stop and joke around. "Hey, how many people does it take to do X?" and the lawyer finished the joke with" "Well, apparently 10, plus 2 lawyers now standing around waiting for an opportunity for a law suit"

You gotta admit that was pretty cute.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hasn't dropped yet

Well, the shoe has yet to be dropped. Just when you think you found a path you can stick to things change.

Career uncertainty is not a good feeling. And it becomes difficult to find a bright side. But, more time to read, walk the dogs, clean the house, make a nice dinner, those are good things. The bright side.

If you could only get rid of that pit in your stomach.

Oh, the other bright side: pit in stomach = lack of appetite = looser pants :-)

I will keep the glass half full - I will I will I will!

Name of the Rose

The name of the rose
Umberto Eco: The Name of the Rose. You are a

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especially with catholic vs liberal issues.

You search wisdom and knowledge endlessly,

feeling that learning is essential in life.

Which literature classic are you?
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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chaos is good right?

So, apparently now, I have to wait for the other shoe to drop.............

More to come..................


Electric Air

We have made it through February here in Minnesota without too many frozen noses or toeses.

And this morning I noticed something bright green peeking out from amongst the planters.

I must admit I giggled with glee.

One of the wonders of living up here is the appreciation we have for the basic fundamental workings of this great planet. Mother nature is worshipped here in the land of 10,000 lakes on a level probably not equaled in too many places.

Every season has its delights and wonders. But none compare to the first dawning’s of spring. We live for it, anxiously awaiting those first peekings of life reemerging. And as if a veil is lifted from before our eyes a certain energy, a crackling of expectation, begins to spread across the state.

We experience a high like no other. It is our much earned reward for the long sleepy winter.

Soon we can shed our sweaters and coats, throw on the grubbies and get our yards ready for the profusion of color, sights, and smells. Visions of columbine, daisies, lilies, and tomatoes dance in our heads.

And it is time to fall in love with Minnesota all over again…………………

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

24 and 79AD

Okay, first, om ma god oh ma god oh ma god – 24 – holy cow – didn’t expect that one in a MILLION YEARS!

I actually sit on the edge of my seat tense and fidgety. And have caught myself holding my breath. I really need to get a life………………………………

And now for more cultured news:

The Pompeii exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago was amazing!
Totally worth the trip.

It leaves Chicago at the end of March, travels to Japan, China, Toronto, and then it will be back in the US in Houston, where it will be at the Museum of Fine Arts in 2008.

It’s a long way away, but worth the trip so keep it in mind. Or head to Chicago in the next two weeks. The show closes toward the end of the month most likely to prepare for King Tut.

The drive to Chicago is a little over 6 hours. I found myself thankful again to the Apple gods for the Ipod. Nothing beats a little Pink Floyd while driving in the dark toward destinations unknown, and unfamiliar. Talk about setting the mood!

And there is nothing like coming home after a few days away. Soc’s missed us and wanted to be cuddled and held all night. And this morning he snuggled down into my arms, head under my chin and fell asleep. He was happy to have his mom and dad home.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Coping with literary crack

So, I am now reading #5 of the Nightside books by Simon R. Green. I've mentioned previously that they are highly addictive. Well, in this story King Arthur makes an appearance. And I got goose bumps. How sad is that? Much of the story has tied itself back to King Arthur's court. But this is the first time he appears. I need to get a life, I know, but dang. The legend, the myth, the man. Anyway, I got one of the guys at work hooked on them too. He stops by my bat cave every now and then to just tell me that I am evil.

#6 arrives in the mail Tuesday. Until then, I'll have to plow through one of my many books just waiting for me.....................

The joys of literature.......................

Windy City - take me away

Saturday my hubby and I are headed for the Windy City. We want to catch the Pompeii exhibit at the Field Museum before it leaves. The show ends this month in order to make way for the spectacular King Tut exhibit.

The exhibit is traveling around the country for the first time in 25 years. Really a chance in a life time for most people. Accompanying the boy king are two other tombs. Very complete and apparently very impressive.

We have been trying to find a good time to go and this weekend seemed like as good as any.

Kindly our friends will be house/dog sitting for us. Bless them. Though I think R has been looking forward to some cuddle time with Sophie. Ever since we told her she likes to sleep with her head on the pillow R has been pretty excited about pup sitting.

Of course Short Bus is going to the vet for the weekend. Less stress for everyone all around. He’s a good boy but our absence tends to cost us $$$. His uncles love him to death and cater to his every whim but for some reason he just acts up when we are gone. So we have found it cheaper to board him then pay the consequences of upsetting his routine. You would think that sending him off to the vet would cause even worse behavior from him but for some unknown reason he isn’t fazed at all. We do hear from the vet that he is cuddly and super loveable so I think he gets uber attention. They tell us when we pick him up that he is one of the only friendly cats they get. That most are too upset and scared to want to play. But not our little short bus, he is quite the attention whore.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Giggles withheld and a little offensive chatter

A little late in the week but: another fabulous episode of 24. As always a good episode. But for some reason Monday night I got the feeling that the actors were barely containing giggles. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because the story line is so serious, so improbable, and so dramatic. I can’t tell you what it was specifically but I would swear they wanted to crack up and have hysterical giggles.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the greater the tension and or drama the more likely I am to break out in giggles. It’s how I cope. I know I have probably offended friends, family and associates with this unusual coping method, but it’s who I am.

tee hee hee