Saturday, March 03, 2012


When I was a little kid my Aunt and Uncle gave me a camera. They had been professional photographers for a while and so they shared their passion with me.

Once I started taking photos I couldn't stop. But it never dawned on me to make a go of it for a career. So, for all of these years I have only done photography as a hobby. The digital camera age has certainly made it a relatively cheap and fun way to spend my leisure time as of late. And maybe at some point it will stop being a hobby and become a career. In the mean time I am perfectly happy just doing photo shoots for friends.

I did put together a website so that other people can see my work. The families that I photograph share my work on Facebook so my name is getting around. But even if nothing really comes of it I don't mind. I love that I can create lasting memories for those that I love.