Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Peeeple

I work in a hectic, deadline driven environment. One in which most of my co-workers are either tackling, solving, or digging up problems. It's the nature of a software implementation. We are combining multiple divisions, multiple methods, personalities, styles, techniques, philosophies, etc.

Through it all, no matter how bad it gets, it seems that the group manages to keep spirits high, stay friendly, goal minded, and for the most part, positive.

And everyone has learned to develop pretty thick skin.

People will yell, rant, ask the impossible, and leave patting each other on the back and laughing.

The only thing that perplexes me is the total lack of "personality" in the majority of the work spaces. At most there might be a picture of a kid and a coffee mug. Other than that, nothing, nada, zilch, zero.

If it weren't for the presence of name signs and a monitor turned on you wouldn't even know someone worked at most of the cubes.

Our cubes aren't temporary. Neither are the employees.

Some are consultants, but they are long term consultants, like, years worth of consulting.

Anywhoodle, why am I babbling about this?

Well, I had been away for three weeks. We moved to a brand new area while I was gone. As soon as I got in on Monday I set up my work area.

My boss (who is located in a different building) came over to visit. As she came around the corner I hear:
"Oh, I knew I could depend on Newt to have the happy cube, everything else around here looks like a morgue"

Is it the IT world? I'm new to geekdom. I just can't figure out the sparseness. I mean, we are at work more than we are awake any where else. Why woudn't you want a happy place to work.

So, this is my happy place, and apparently the one ray of sunshine among a sea of nothingness.

Don't I have the prettiest puppies in the world?


This weekend the hubster and I are going to go to Como Conservatory. Drink in some green, some moisture, some heat. We can't wait.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Too high

Here is a vlog of the onramp in Austin that scared the bezeebus out of me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


First, let me say I had way too much fun with this weeks WWC - as the multitude of pictures will prove.

And I discovered that I now see the world through the WWC. I was heading back to the hotel in Austin when I had to veer into a parking lot, pull over, and run over to the railroad tracks. Wood and Metal. So there I am, standing on the side of the road taking pictures of tracks in a dress and high heels. Who does that?


metal graveyardmetal angel
metal seat


Wood and Metal Wooden shop of a metal worker

metal arbor
wood arbor

Monday, February 25, 2008

Images of Austin

Umlauf Sculpture Garden

View of Downtonw Austin from Zilker Park

Zilker Botanical Garden

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

PFC #1

Brought to you by the amazing, wonderful and fabulous REH!

It was a damn leaf. Of all the stupid things.

My mother said I was easily distracted. I never realized how right she was. Not until it was too late.

I had been doing what all young men do. I had been showing off. There was this girl, she was so beautiful. And she was watching me from the balcony of her home.

She didn't live in a nice place. It was run down, what mom always refers to as an eye sore. But with her standing there, leaning over the balcony rail, she made that building the most beautiful one on all the islands.

I ran from one end of the beach to the other. I jumped over the rocks, I splashed in the water. I was on top of the world.

And then, mid run I spotted a leaf. What a curious thing to find here. There were only palms for miles around. What could a leaf be doing here.

I bent down to marvel. Maybe add it to my collection of things. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails and all that.

With the roar of the waves I never heard him coming. The dune buggy. And he never saw me. He was jumping a ridge of sand. I was bent down low cradling my new found treasure.

Now, I will never know her name. I had hoped she would find me irresistible, I was hoping she would want to get to know me. That playful young man on the beach so full of life and spirit.

I never suspected for a moment that I would leave an imprint on her mind. That sometimes at night she would wake screaming. Screaming for the boy so playful but no longer filled with life.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WWC - a pathetic attempt to "Catch Up"

Ok, so I have been a little gigantic pathetic slacker when it comes to blogging and WWC. And, I hang my head in shame. But in an effort to make ammends, here they are:

We found the ice bar in Minneapolis
The motion of the car caused this picture to come out kinda cool Lighs in motion

A narrow stalk can hold up SO much beauty
The Mississippi River becomes very broad just south of the Twin CitiesThe broad side of a barn

I take pride in the fact that this is the Hubster