Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Of Unicorns, white knights, and oceanographers

So when I was a little girl I believed in Unicorns. Or at least I wanted to. I also believed that life could be a fairy tale. That there were men who were chivalrous and gallant. And one day my white knight would come and sweep me off my feet. If he carried me off atop his white steed (Unicorn) all the better.

So, as we grow a little older we start to look at the world a little differently. And we start to realize that there are no white knights, no unicorns, and no castles.

Ok, so we adjust our dreams. We start to think about what we want to be when we grow up since apparently “Princess” isn’t truly an option.

So, at one point or another I aspired to be:
A zoologist
A teacher
A marine biologist
An oceanographer
A zoo keeper
A veterinarian
A prize winning National Geographic photographer
A physicist
An aeronautics expert
I was going to work for NASA
For the military
For the deep secret government.
I was going to travel the world
Maybe work for the UN
If nothing else I figured I’d have a walk up in Manhattan

So imagine my surprise when I found myself on Monday morning kneeling on a bathroom floor scrubbing tile. Hoping that our maintenance folks did a crappy enough job that the quality of the cleaning product would show. And then further add to my surprise when I was really disappointed that the floor was actually too clean.

Next picture me setting up a demo and having an entire bucket of sloppy yellow goo splashing up over the bucket and ALL over my jeans, my sweater, my arms, my shoes, the floor. I was a mess. But this didn’t phase me. I wiped myself down and went about my day.

So, by midafternoon I have dirty knees from crawling around on “clean” floors, I have yellowish streaks all over myself, and I have bruises on my leg from operating heavy machinery. And I was happy about it all. I really enjoyed my day. And I really enjoy what I do for a living.

Yesterday I helped with a training seminar for a group of people from the cruise ship industry. All the people in the group called a different country home. None of them were from the US. They were a very kind and very fun group of people to work with. The man from the Dominican Republic was telling me that his next assignment on a ship is in Venice – for three months. (green with envy I was)

Another interesting thing I noticed about the group was the way the men behaved toward each other. Unlike the macho homo phobes of these United States, the gentleman were very comfortable with each other. Touching, putting an arm around one another, these things were not unusual for them. Nor were they awkward. I was actually quite fascinated to watch them. Their interaction was very supportive, patient, and oozing camaraderie. The only way American men interact is to punch each other, get shit faced drunk, go out and kill something together, or sit on a couch and scream at a television in unison.

Now I know that not all men are like this here in the states. I get that. I really do. But I don’t think I have honestly witnessed that level of unconscious comfort between guys ever here.

Let the hate mail begin……………………

Monday, October 30, 2006

A Separate Peace

Alright, so if I have any readers left after the booger blog below, here is a slightly less Icky post.

This was one of those weekends that didn’t go to fast. I had a craft show on Saturday (not very good sales wise but oh well) The hubster made us an early dinner of fried spaghetti. One of my favorite meals.

Sunday was a nice day. We took the pups for a walk. Well, we took three pups for a walk and one pup for a carry. Caleb was terrified to be outside. He walked a little but kept wanting to walk toward the main busy road by us. I carried him all the way down the alley and then we put him down when we got to the sidewalk and lawns. He seemed to like that more. And he walked pretty well back to our house. But he’s frightened by being outside as well as by us still so he spent a lot of time cowering.

Lily did better. We put Caleb in the house and then continued our walk with the other dogs. Lily walked several blocks with us and around the park. She seemed pretty happy and she was very curious about everything she saw. She did very very well.
Fortunately despite how traumatized Caleb appeared to be he bounced back pretty quick and was happy and playful when we got back home.

The hubster and I went to the hardware store and picked up the giant paper leaf bags. This was the first year we used them. THEY ROCK! Oh man, I will never ever ever use a plastic bag again. They hold more, they stay upright and they don’t poke through from sticks. Did I mention that they rock!

We also now have a garbage company that will pick up yard waste that is put in a garbage can. That also is WAY better than the plastic bag. I was able to get up a lot of the leaves in the backyard and it was so easy. I also managed to pick up a whole ton of poop that were hidden by leaves. Ooohhhh goodie!

I picked up two paper bags worth of leaves and dead brush from our front yard. Who the hell on HGTV said that an English Garden would be easier to maintain than a lawn. If I ever find out who put the idea in our head I’m gonna kill them. Our front yard is gorgeous but so so so much work.

So on top of discovering the wonder of the giant paper bag I also had my Ipod with me. I never had so much fun doing yard work.

While I was sitting in my yard cutting up some tall growing coreopsis (looks sort of like bamboo stalks and gets about 7 feet tall) the song “My Hometown” by Bruce Springsteen was playing. So there I was sitting in my front yard on a gorgeous fall day. A little girl was playing in the leaves down the street, a woman was out walking her dog, and an older gentleman was blowing leaves into piles. It was incredibly peaceful and while I was sitting there I realized that life, at least for that moment, was perfect.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dreaming uh, well, just dreaming

So, watch out, this dream is a little on the ick side:

So, there I was picking my nose and there was this giant booger. And so I started to pull it out of my nose. And then my gum that I was chewing somehow came out my nose with the giant long booger. It was ridiculously long. Like 8 inches. Who dreams stuff like this? Seriously?


I woke up a little disgusted with myself.

What happened to dreaming about being on a pirate ship out in the Caribbean with Capt. Sparrow? Why can't I have dreams like that? Seriously? Why not?

Boogers. Sheesh.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Friday Eve

First, let me say I did add an addendum to my most recent blog apologizing to any reader that has spinning rims.

I also followed in the steps of Cynical Bastard and halloweenized my blog.

It is almost 10 on Thursday night and I am ready to begin my Happy Friday dance. Seriously, I think I must reward myself this Friday with a mocha and some quiet quality book time. And I may do the happy Friday dance all the way to Starbucks.

Ok, now let me apologize for actually getting coffee at the WalMart of java. Yes it is bad of me. But they are the ONLY coffee shop near me that makes a consistent and good mocha.

Now, on to other things.

I fear for reasons we don't understand we took a step back with Lily. She's totally fearful of us today. Actually this evening. I keep going over in my mind what we did today and nothing sticks out. I'm not getting upset just yet. Maybe she's just tired or maybe she doesn't feel too good or something. I'll see how she is in the morning.

On the other hand Caleb gets a little better every day. We still can't really approach him, look at him, or get him to come to us. But he will lay on the couch near us and let us pet him. And he will come over for some love. Each day he gets a little closer and hangs around for a little bit longer.

I have blogged before about the great Chinese take-out that is practically across the street. We ordered it the other night when we had company. I asked them to make General Tso's chicken with regular chicken meat and not the breaded and fried chicken. Kindly they made it for us. And if fact when the hubster went to get it, their son, Michael told the hubster that he had them make extra so they could try it and see if they wanted to add it to the menu. He's a sweet young man about 14 years old. He is a dog trainer that has a collie and a golden that he competes in agility with. He told the hubster that it would be a nice dish to add because it cuts a lot of fat and calories out of the meal. So maybe we did each other a favor? Anyway, it was scrumptious as always.

The hubster and I cut out of work a little early and went over to Como Conservatory. The place where we got married. We love to go there and wander around their gardens. Especially in winter it's a nice way to escape the cold and spend some time in a hot and humid atmosphere. They expanded the park over the past few years adding a huge new wing to the conservatory. When they first opened the new wing they had a fern room just started. Tiny baby ferns were everywhere. Now, about a year later they are HUGE. What a glorious room it became in such a short time. We didn't get to stay long as they have shorter hours in winter. But we made the most of our 20 minutes. When we go there it feels as if the whole world disappears. I'm so very thankful that we picked a place like that to get married in. I am confident that 20 years from now he and I will still be able to go there.

We always tell people that only two things really matter on your wedding day: 1. that you get married. and 2. that no one dies at the wedding. If those two things are fulfilled your wedding was a complete success. And everything else, the food, the wine, the dress, the flowers, they are icing on the cake. But maybe we should tell them one other tiny piece of advice. Pick a location for your wedding that you can always return to. A place you can visit time and time again that will hold that special memory near and dear to you.

For us it is a vacation from the world every time we step through those doors. We take each other's hand and we walk through the most beautiful place on earth. At least to us.......................

The Good, the bad, and the downright ugly

The Good:
Whoever came up with the idea of putting blinkers on the side view mirrors of cars. Genius I say, sheer genius.

The Bad:
Whoever came up with the idea of spinning rims. They drive me nuts! For one, the people that have them tend to be psychotic drivers to begin with. Add to that the fact that they always look like they are moving and you get a whole lot of distrust in driving. Primarily this bothers me at stop signs and stop lights. I mean I would already assume that the tricked out punks that do this to their car would already run a stop sign/light. So now that it looks like they are moving even if they aren't. Yeah, it's just bad. And frankly it pisses me off.

The Downright Ugly:
The road in front of my house. Why? Because we never have a clue when they are going to come street sweep. So our cars are usually parked in front which ultimately means we never get swept in front of our place. Dang it!

Conversation with the hubster:

Newt: "Hey honey, where ya going?"
Hubster: "Outside to work on the garage"
Newt: "Ok, have fun."
he then walks toward the front door
Newt: "I thought you were going to work in the garage?"
He turns around and shows me one gloved hand and one bare one.
Hubster: "I am, but I have to find my other baby first."
Newt: while laughing hysterically; "check Lily's kennel"

Search terms that brought people to my site:

red spotted newts can live in sink drain - I've tried but it's kinda smelly
"i love high heels" blog shoes sandals" - yeah, it's what life is all about
happy friday dance - yep, there is one and I will be doing it tomorrow

What countries were my visitors from:
Unknown - don't remember this country on the map
Saudi Arabia
Europe - uhhhhh, when did this become a country?

Addendum to today's blog: Newt would like to issue a formal apology to anyone she might offend by implying that spinning rims are stupid. I mean, they are stupid, but it's your personal choice if you have them. So if I offended any of my handful of readers out there in blog land I really truly do deeply apologize. And I promise to not make fun of you until after you pull away from the curb.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Random Tuesday

My most interesting thoughts come during a shower.

Now that winter is coming my rings don't fit very well. My fingers shrink a bit from the cold so now my rings fall off too easily.

I like tapioca pudding. There, I said it.

I finally watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Not too bad a movie. Damn are they two beautiful people.

I need to do laundry.

I like Dharma and Greg. I wish I could be a little more like Dharma. She's such a great generous free spirit. Of course she is also tall..............

I would pay millions if they would stop reporting, talking about, and writing about JonBenet Ramsey. Good grief will it just DIE already. These kinds of thoughts are why I could never be Dharma.

Does anyone know anybody that successfully met someone through eHarmony?

How many people out there actually try to match their kleenex box to the room? Do you care what picture/scene is on the box?

They are having a cutest puppy contest at a local tv station. Of course hands down we have the cutest puppies. But how do we pick which one? Should we send them all in? And if we do, would it be fair to get the first through fourth prize? Or is that being greedy?

The hubster has scouts tonight. I hope I can get some quality reading done. That would be SOOO nice.

Uh oh, he just said that the heater isn't working. Oh goodie. It's 30 degrees outside and we have no heat. Wait, I KNOW that it was on earlier. I think he is just confused. Or it just broke. Great,fabulous. FANTASTIC.

This is one of the suckages of home ownership. You can't just call the super to fix it. Sigh.............Oh, he got it working..........

I stopped this morning to get a scone at the Black Sheep Cafe. Unfortunately the scone wasn't as good as it has been in the past. I hope they aren't heading down hill. That would not be good. Or maybe it would be. Then I wouldn't crave their stuff. Oh well. I guess time will tell.

When did penguins become the IN thing for movies?

Alright, that's enough randomness for the day.

Hugs to everyone

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gaining a little faith in tomorrow

Perhaps it is the concern of every generation but when I observe kids today I get a little nervous about the future. I fear we are heading toward a society of "me first" people with attention spans shorter than the time it takes the hubster to channel surf. I have noticed that the only place you see the younger generations shopping are either electronic stores or Abercrombie. I can count on one hand the number of under 30's I see in a bookstore. Ok, I understand that not everyone likes to read but I think there used to be a time when more youngsters could be found in bookstores and libraries.

The lack of kids interested in reading is not the only reason I fear for the future. I see a level of violence, and shallow personalities existing at a level unprecedented in history. Or am I just getting old and cranky?

Maybe my parents said the same about my generation? And their parents said the same about them?

But over the last few weeks a few things have happened that helped to ease my fears for the future. And that there are a few good kids out there.

First and foremost there is Tink. She's not exactly a kid but she is a young adult. She is wise beyond her years and she has an amazing gift of observation and contemplation. She is also a responsible person so much so that she owns a home. Not too many people her age do. Nor do they have such a good sense of family values. There aren't enough years between us for her to be my daughter but if she was I would be proud as punch.

Next there is my girlfriends son. Bless his heart he is a seventeen year old boy with a lovely and perfect girlfriend who wants to wait till after marriage to have sex. And he knows that she is such an amazing catch and he respects her so much that he is okay with waiting. Who does that anymore?????? This is also a young man that has found his happiness in farming and in taking care of his mom. He defends his baby sister and makes sure that no one messes with her. He is a young man with values and with his priorities straight.

Another friend of ours has three amazing children. One is heading off at the end of the month to join the coastguard. He is a boy that lives his life to his own tune and his own drummer. He is not a follower. He is not ashamed to call his dad Pappa. And to him having dinner with his family and having days reserved just for his family is ok. He is a very popular kid that hasn't had to give up his values.
He is popular in his own individuality and he would never walk over someone to get even farther. My friends daughter is much like her brother. She is a beautiful child inside and out. She too goes through life with her own private tune in her head. She is also an accomplished harpist. Her beauty and strength has boys falling over her left and right. And she accomplishes all of this just like her brother, with grace and with respect for everyone. Neither of them would EVER put someone else down to make themselves feel better. They don't have a petty bone in their body. The third child is still young but I can see in him so much of his brother that I know he too will be a marvelous adult.

Lastly I met an amazing young woman at the craft show on Saturday. She and her mother were selling candles, soap, and jewelry that they had made. They brought with them Jacob. A 16 year old orphan with Downs Syndrome. This young woman was his caretaker who had him for the week while his foster parents were on vacation. She was infinitely patient with him. And you can see that he adored her. She is in her third year of Sign Language and is teaching Jacob to communicate with her using signing. He is non-verbal so she is hoping to be able to break through with sign language. Jacob is very good at video games. She had to go out to the car to get the power pack for the DVD player. She gave him her little Nintendo game and signed to him to find the red star she needed in her Mario Bros. game. By the time she got back with the power pack he had found the star and handed the game back to her. She thanked him and got him set up with his movie. While we chatted I learned that she is attending the U of M to get a degree in Special Education. She has two other girlfriends at the U that are also learning various aspects of special education. One is going to specialize in speech therapy and one in physical therapy. Then the three girls plan to open up a school for the mentally handicapped. I honestly didn't think there were young adults out there that would have an interest in something so selfless and "unglamorous" a career goal. No hate mail please. I just don't know how else to word what they are going to do. Special Education is a very difficult field that most people prefer not to have to know about or be exposed to. Unfortunately we are a society that likes to pretend that there aren't children out there that need special help. And in a world where the car you drive, the house you live in, the clothes you wear, and the perfect children you have is the only thing that matters it's surprising to find people that still have their heads screwed on right.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that there is hope. For all the negativity in the news. For all the war, the doom, the violence, and the hate. There are little rays of hope.............

Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Fluff

An odd and funny moment:
Alright, since we brought home Caleb and Lily I have mentioned almost every day the fact that Lily collects “babies” from all over the house and brings them to her bed. Well last night the hubster had me struck a little dumb:

Hubster:”Honey, why are my Sketchers sitting here?”
Newt: “Uh, cause Lily collected them.
Hubster: “She did?”
Newt: “Uh, yeah, like she collects everything else.”
Hubster: “Oh”
Newt: “Did you just refer to your shoes as Sketchers?”
Hubster: “Yeah, why?”
Newt: “Nothing, just making sure I heard you right.”

Why did I find this conversation odd you might ask? Ok, well obviously for one it “slipped” his mind that Lily collects stuff? And the majority of what she collects is HIS shoes. But that’s not what really struck me. What baffled me is that he referred to his shoes as Sketchers. The man doesn’t have a clue what label is on what item of clothing. He could care less about brand names. He has Reebok’s and Bass, and a number of other brands. So for him to refer to his brown boots as Sketchers really threw me. They are Sketchers so it’s not some funky new name for shoes in general. I was just a little taken back that he even knows who made his shoes.

On that same sort of note:
I spent a part of this morning putting “babies” around for Lily. I had gotten a whole bunch of tiny stuffed animals for Sophie since she likes to play with small toys. But of course now that I bought her a bag full she isn’t interested in them. So, now that we have Lily I thought it would be a good thing to pull them out of the bag and lay them around the house in spots where she always wants to pick something up. Such as the steps by the back door. Every time she comes in from outside she wants to take something back to her bed with her. Usually that is a shoe or glove. But since all the shoes and all the gloves are now on her bed she is looking for other things to bring back. This included some huge tie down straps that are in a bag on the kitchen floor. So I piled up babies by the back door and also by the hall closet where the hubster stock piles his shoes. No sooner did I do this then Caleb decided to run around the house and gather up all the babies I had left around for Lily. So now all the shoes, gloves, and babies are piled up on their bed. If nothing else, they keep me busy.

Catching up on 24
I finished disc 2, season 1 of 24 last night. The peanut gallery was on his computer in another room so I was able to finish the show without the running commentary of how much it sucks.

Craft show preparedness
I was able to leave work early yesterday so I went home and got everything ready for my craft show tomorrow. I have a pretty nice variety of stuff this year. I just hope it moves. I even decided to have some clearance items this year. Stuff that has been hanging around for the past couple of years and hasn’t sold. I eliminated the expensive ($25) hand made bracelets. I spend between 2 and 15 hours weaving bracelets that I think are beautiful and easily worth $25 but you would be amazed at how cheap people are when it comes to homemade items. To pat myself on the back here I think that the woven pieces I make are beautiful. I wouldn’t hesitate to pay $25 if I was on the other side of the craft table.

A Political observation from the Bat Cave:

I work for the classic corporation. Dark suit, white shirt, power tie. I stick out like the pink flamingo on the green lawn of life. And that’s ok. I won’t loose who I am in order to get an office with a door. I’m happy in my bat cave and enjoy the less than zero responsibility that I have. This is not a put down on myself. I have chosen to not be ambitious in my career. Sure there are directions I wouldn’t mind going in my career and I work toward those. But I won’t step on other people to get there. I won’t play the game. So, I guess since I am on the outside looking in I tend to notice things that the rest of the sheep just walk past.

Elections are only 3 weeks away and we host several debates/meet and greets with various candidates. The posters for the second event just went up and I now notice a trend between the two. Both the ass and the elephant are invited to speak. The poster tells us the names, the date of the event, and what food they are bribing us with. The poster also shows pictures of the candidates. I find it interesting that in both posters so far the Republican is wearing a blue suite, white dress shirt, and the proverbial red power tie while standing in front of Ol’ Glory. This of course is in severe contrast to the other side which in one case the Democrat has been pictured in a sweater against a plain tan background as if they had the portrait done at Sears, and in the other case the candidate is looking sideways with a background of blurry trees and some odd indiscernible thing behind her. The two pictures together have that Felix and Oscar sort of look. We have the proper GQ candidate that knows how to dress and we have the backyard photo of the slovenly other candidate. I mean, why be subtle? Why not just have one guy standing with his arms around US soldiers and have the other guy giving flying lessons to terrorists with a soldiers head swinging from the rear view mirror? I mean, at least that way, I know for sure what point you are trying to make.

Now I know that the Democrats prefer to be thought of as “the neighborly sort” and so pictures of them do tend to be more down to earth and approachable. And I am all for that. But put side by side, there is a remarkable contrast.

I am a proud liberal and have every intention of voting the way of the donkey. But I also understand all the complaints about the Democrats not having their crap together and being more unified. I also can see where fence sitting people would hesitate to vote for the democratic candidate because in this time of war (thanks entirely to our oil greedy Commander Coo Coo Bananas) there is a lack of faith in their ability to defend the country. Going strictly on photo impression (and you can’t argue that looks don’t matter) there is more safety and security conjured up by a person in a suit near the flag then there is in a guy that looks like an English Professor.

OK, this is WAY to heavy a topic for a Friday.

Winter Holiday of Your Choice Blog Extravaganza Gift Exchange Questionnaire Answers
Fill in the blanks:

If I could, I'd invent a bra with heater, and damn it, the world needs one because, headlights in winter, need I say more?

I sometimes buy sexy tops, because it is/they are more like theme I want to be than the me that I am.

If you came over to my house to play and touched my animal in a violent way I'd be a little bit mad at you forever. (Actually forever would only be as long as it took me kill you and dispose of your body.)

The color/s burnt orange/olive green makes me want to shave my eyeballs with acheese grater.
The color/s yellow, peach, and pink is/are so beautiful that when I see them, abeam of light comes down and I hear a choir sing.

Talk shows like Oprah and Jerry Springer makes me gag, feel it in my mouth for a minute, andthen swallow it back down rather than spit it out (or else I just don't likeit, but I'm too nice to say it.)

I might get sick or die if I touch or ingest seafood, or look at Paris Hilton..

Clowns and Mimes gives me the willies and I might need to consider afrontal lobotomy if I even think about it further.

I love the feel of flannel so much I want to hump it like a puppy ona sofa pillow.

No one should have to watch me eat sopapillas, because then I mightconsider being polite enough to share, and I don't want to share it.

I'm a grown-up now, so I don't have to eat brussel sprouts anymore, and you can't make me.

If I could invent a way to permanently coat my nostril hairs with this scent, I'd be my own biggest customer: Irish Spring Soap

Three things I like that anyone might like: Apple Pie, Reading, bike riding

Three things I like that nobody else in the world likes:Corned Beef Hash, Circus Peanuts (those orange marshmallow things), Macaroni and Cheese wth Brocoflower mixed in

I have TOO MANY/TOO MUCH OF beads, and not enough books.

Okay, we know the best things in life aren't things, but these are the best things in life if there are going to be best things: Well written books that move me to laughter and to tears.

When people have kind, sweet and nice things about me, they're usually talking about what a sucker I am. When they say I'm too sensitive, they're usually right too.

It's true, I'm a geek. I'm learning to be proud of it.

If I could have any talent in the world, I'd choose musical talent and use it to play the violin OR the piano . One or the other.

You are given a day and a no-limit credit card to spend in one of theseplaces, childfree. Choose one, or write your own: Barnes and Noble

If I could suggest that you read only one post from my archives, this one would be it:

If I were to name the Holiday of my choice for this exchange, it would be:Winter Solstice! This is the turning point of winter and the days only get longer after it.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A picture post

Today Newt is off and running today but I did upload pictures of the new furry kids AND I took a bunch of pictures of the jewelry I make and sell. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A book Meme

The Great Book Meme – stolen from Tink

1) One book that changed your life: “Shantaram” – I’ve never read a book that moved me like this one did. I walked away a different person. We read book after book and some are ok, some are good and some are great. And some somehow stick with us the rest of our lives. They get under our skin and somehow they change us.

2) One book that you would read more than once: “The Great Gatsby” – I take away something different every time I read it.

3) One book you'd want on a deserted island: “In the Electric Mist with the Confederate Dead” – this is the book that started my love affair with James Lee Burke (in the favorite author sense). It is a beautiful piece of literature.

4) One book that made you laugh: “Last days of Summer” – no book has made me laugh harder than this one. And only a few books have made me cry more than this one.

5) One book that made you cry: “Shantaram” had a paragraph in it that was so achingly beautiful I cry when I re-read it.

6) One book you wish you'd written: “Harry Potter” – to make more money than God AND to piss off so many people, infuriate the religious nut balls, be selected for book burning and yet be the greatest work of children’s fiction in terms of the sheer number of kids that have read it, or who started their love of reading because of it – priceless.

7) One book you wish had never been written: "The Rules" by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, I TOTALLY have to agree with Tink on this one. What a complete load of crap.

8) One book you're currently reading: “Feast of Crows” by George R. R. Martin. Book four in a spectacular series.

9) One book you've been meaning to read: “Don Quixote”- There is so much “legend” behind this book. So many references to life and how we approach it. So many expressions and ideas that came from this book. I have to read it so that I can understand what it all means. “Chasing windmills” and all that………

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Random Newt

*Despite all the chain e-mail reminders, quotes, and songs I still forget sometimes to remember how precious life is and to focus on those things in my life. Visits with friends you miss dearly end way too quickly. And you just never know when a life will end. Maybe I should find a tattoo that will remind me daily where my focus should be. I get too swept up in things that in the end really don’t matter. Each time I am reminded I try very hard to make that my focus but then inevitably the daily hum drum of life creeps in and seems to capture too much of my attention.

*I think I have said this before but it sucks that we get to know most of our family when we are too young to appreciate them. And then by the time we are old enough to want to get to know them many are gone. I was thinking about my Uncle Mort in the shower today. I don’t know why. He died many years ago. He is buried in an old Jewish cemetery in New York. He was my favorite relative on my mom’s side. Probably because in his eyes I was perfect. While in everyone else’s eyes I was flawed, rebellious, bratty, and as one relative put it: not photogenic to the point where they won’t display my pictures. I think that was one of the most hurtful things anyone has ever told me. Who says that to a little girl??????????? Anyway, my Uncle was left handed and since I was too he just adored me. I was his left-handed monkey wrench and the only other one in the family that was right in the brain. He took us to Toys R Us every year for our birthday and let us pick out anything we wanted. I don’t remember many of those trips except the one when I picked out a little black baby doll. He never said anything to me about it. Of course when we got home and I proudly showed off my new baby I overheard “Why on earth would you let her have that thing?” I didn’t understand at the time what the big deal was. I still don’t. But now I understand how ugly that particular person was/is. Of course it’s the same person that told me that I was unattractive.

My uncle remained a bachelor his entire life. I guess now I would love to know why. I don’t care why he was or why he never fell in love. Or maybe he did but he could never tell the family about it. I just wish I could talk to him again. I wish he knew that he has lived on in my heart all these years. He was and always will be very dear to me. I miss him every day.

*When we were at the wedding reception the hubster and I were talking with a cousin of the groom. She’s a beautiful and sweet woman. She’s 25 and unlike her younger siblings she is still single. But she is fine with that. She’s still waiting for “the one”. Once again the hubster left me speechless. He said to her:

“I just want to tell you that you are smart to do that. There is such a thing as love at first sight and don’t let anyone tell you differently. If you meet someone and you don’t know after a month if you want to be with them the rest of your life they aren’t the one. When I met Becca I knew in an hour that I was going to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Yeah, that’s what he said. Knocks your socks off doesn’t it???? Sure did mine.

*I tried to watch the second disc of 24 from season one that had just come in the mail. I got through a little over 2 hours when the running commentary from the peanut gallery made it no longer enjoyable.

*I’m going to borrow the digital camera tonight so I can take pictures of the new kids. This morning my new little girl sat on my lap for a good ten minutes and just cuddled. It’s the longest session we have had yet!

*I had planned to make tacos for dinner tonight but I forgot to take the meat out. Dang!

*We got a hunk of the most excellent swiss cheese last week. One of the things I have not had in a long time was a slice of cheese with peanut butter on top. I forgot how really good that is.

*This coming weekend I have my first craft show. I had to skip the first one I signed up for because we had just brought the pups home and I had that bachelorette party to attend.
I’ll take some pic’s of my work and post those too.

*Last night I switched out my shoes. Sigh………………

*I can’t bring myself to switch the clothes yet.

*My dad just called to say hello. I love that so much.

*He wanted to know how Kell is enjoying The Thirteenth Tale. But Kell is out of town so I don’t know if I will find out for a while.

*Yes, I talk about my blog buddies to my dad.

*Reading Tink’s blog yesterday reminded me why I like her so much. We did the same exact thing when a little bird was trapped in a building. Well, except the hubster didn’t tell anyone that it had bird flu. I have pictures of our little rescue too. On my finger, on the ground. It was too funny to read her story about it. It was a big case of Déjà vu.
I would share pic’s but they are on the other computer.

*I’ve had three people come in to my bat cave as of late and tell me that they love it because it is so cozy and inviting.

I guess…………..I have papers and piles strewn all over the place. But whatever….

We’ll be moving three floors up early next year. I hope I can make a cozy cubicle up there too. I figure I spend enough time here I might as well love my surroundings. Dad mailed me a pink flamingo beanie baby. He sits on a water glass right next to my computer. He always makes me smile.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Who let it be Monday???

The weekend went way to fast. Our friend Boy J tied the knot this weekend. Friday night we had a really nice rehearsal and then dinner at the fancy schmancy St. Paul Hotel. It was a marvelous meal. I sat outside during the rehearsal since I’m not in the wedding and I wanted to be “surprised”. This allowed me some good quality quiet time with my book.

Saturday was the big day. I found a beautiful top in shades of pink and purple that I wore with a long black velvet skirt. My mom had made me a beautiful light pink shawl that she knitted as fast as her little fingers could go just so I would have it for the wedding. I had originally planned to wear my gypsy skirt from the earlier “black tie optional” wedding. But it was a little too chilly for a light weight skirt and top. She hoped maybe the shawl would be warm enough to complete the outfit but I opted to go a little warmer. However I made sure the top I bought went with pink. The whole outfit was built around that shawl. Bless her heart.

I also forgot that the skirt I wore was long but it had a slit that went right up the side. The hubster had to point out that it was quite the sexy little surprise and more than just he “noticed”. Wink wink, sexy growl noise. Of course I completed the outfit with a pair of strappy high healed sandals.

So, I was dressed to kill and off I went to get “Bridezilla” from the hair dressers. I picked up her mom first than we flew to the salon. Grabbed the bride and the maid of honor and then flew on into St. Paul. Thank the wedding gods the cops were elsewhere. Cause we was running a little late due to a back-up on the freeway from debris on the road.

After dropping off Bridezilla and her entourage at the Landmark Center where the ceremony was to be held I parked the car. Then I just HAD to go to Bockstrucks jewelers to see if they had any good stuff left. They are a high end fancy jeweler in St. Paul that is closing it’s doors after 127 years of business. Sigh…………. I managed to find something within our budget which despite 70% off wasn’t easy.
So after the ceremony, which was beautiful and perfect. The hubster and I stopped at the store to pick up the ring I had chosen. It’s by Hidalgo. It’s an 18K white gold band with red enamel hearts dancing around the band. I loved it. And so did the hubster. He thought it was very “me”.

Then off we went to the reception. The reception was a Forepaughs, which is a nice little restaurant on the outskirts of downtown St. Paul. It’s located in an old mansion. The food was excellent. The highlight of the reception came early when all of the friends gathered around a small table in the bar and just got to visit. It was SOOO nice. The boys tried a few different years of Scotch. I had the usual Bailey’s on ice. And a few other drinks whose names I can’t remember. These are the friends whose wedding I went to 8 years ago that changed my life. We have stayed close despite the fact that half of us are in Minnesota and half in California.

Saturday ended with us going over to “C”’s house to spend more time with all our friends. We played a game similar to Monopoly but it revolves around farming. It was pretty cool.

Sunday the hubster and I volunteered to return the tux’s. As well as drop off the wedding dress for preservation. While we were there we also went to Joseph Banks and got the hubster a suit and a sports coat that was all cashmere. Oh man did the hubster look good in that coat. And so soft. I could pet him forever. The price of the coat wasn’t all that bad considering I see these skimpy thin little cashmere sweaters for women that cost upwards of 200 bucks. And he got an entire heavy weight sport coat for not much more than that.

We also went Sunday night to be with our friends. This time we played Apples to Apples and a card game I can’t remember the name of. It was just fun to be hanging out with the people we miss so much.

So, that’s the wedding weekend. It was a perfect wedding. And we couldn’t be happier for Boy J and R.

**The reference to Bridezilla is in jest. I was teasing her that I should have decorated the car with Bridezilla on Board before picking her up. She said she would have loved it. She was actually a very calm and easy going bride who just enjoyed her day. Hats off to R for SO not being a bridezilla.

To hear about the puppies, flip on over to Puppy’s Progress

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Checking in and catching up

It's been a busy week. I had another group in town for training this week. We spent Tuesday with a couple customers who came in early for some specific training. Then Wed. and Thurs. was devoted to a larger than normal group. Wed. ended up being a 14 hour work day. Yippee!

So now it is Thursday night and I can relax a little and catch up. I just sent the boys off to Bachelor party land. And now the house is quiet except for the pitter patter of furry feet.

The puppies continue to make progress. Lila loves to steal shoes. She doesn't do anything to them, just collects them. Caleb continues to get braver every day around us. And even came out to visit company. It's got to be overwhelming for both of them to have all the guys here as we head into the wedding weekend of a friend.

I find myself missing the quiet time of late. I have a really good book to read but I haven't had a lot of time in which to hunker down.

I wish I could say it's been a more eventful week but the truth is it's been pretty darn boring.

So, instead of babbling about a whole lot of nothing I think I will sign off and go read more interesting blogs.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

7 Years Later

So now you know the love story of Newt and the Hubster. Thankfully I can say that we have a wonderful and loving marriage. The hubster took my breath away over the weekend and made me realize just how deeply he loves me. We were listening to the radio while cleaning out the garage and they mentioned the Star Trek auction at Christies. The hubster suddenly let out a “Damn, I didn’t realize it was this weekend.” “Shoot, I thought it was a week away.” I was a little surprised about his outburst. So I asked him why he cared when the auction was. He said “Well, they were auctioning off Capt. Picard’s flute from your favorite episode. They expected it to sell for between 8 and 1200 dollars. I wanted to bid on it for you.”

I was struck a little dumb. I mean, the hubster will be the first to admit he’s cheap. So I was speechless as to the fact that he would be willing to spend $1200 dollars for a t.v. show prop.

He emailed me on Monday and said that the flute went for a mere $48,000. Holy shit! He said he would have gone to $2000 without hesitating but $48,000 – Uh, NO!

So just the thought that he wanted to do this for me had my head spinning in the romance clouds. But then, as we were talking to Boy J and R about it last night he further mentioned that the damn flute doesn’t even work. It’s just a painted metal tube. It won’t even play music.

That’s when I fell off the couch. My sweet sweet hubster was willing to blow $2000 dollars on his wife for a tube of metal. How SWEET is that?

Monday, October 09, 2006

A Little New Story - Part 4 Minnesota

First, some more of Puppy's Progress has been posted.

I went to Minnesota about a month after he had visited me. We had decided that if this was turning into what we thought that Minnesota would be home. He had the better job and he had just bought a home. His home was under 100K, if we tried to find something similar in Ca it would have cost us 500K. No rocket science here boy, I’ll tell ya.

He took me to the Minnesota zoo. They had a special temporary frog exhibit and he knew I loved frogs. We also went to Como Park and conservatory. It was absolutely beautiful. And we decided it was where we would be married.

We also visited the Mall of America, the Sculpture Gardens, and a few other local attractions. I quickly fell in love with the place and looked forward to calling it home.

When I got back to California I had to go to a manager’s meeting. The meeting was out in New Jersey. I even spent some extra time while I was out there to see my friend that I had grown up with. I had a million things going on in my mind about what I was jumping into. Could I really give up my career, my friends, and my family for this giant leap of faith? And was this really what I thought it was? I mean, my divorce had been final, what? A week? My brain was screaming at me. But my heart seemed completely sure. As I was sitting there on a bus contemplating my future they put in a movie for us to watch. It was Grumpy Old Men of all movies. A movie that takes place in Minnesota. As odd as it may sound I decided it was the sign I was looking for.

I mean everyone bases their future on a random movie played on a bus heading for a factory tour right??????

Next came the conversation with the folks. I talked to my dad and I said that I was moving to Minnesota because I had met the person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. My dad was quiet for a moment and then he said “Honey, for a California girl who hates being cold to tell me that she wants to move to the coldest place in the US. I can only say I’m happy for you. And I know you have thought this through, and I know that you really have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.” “When do we get to meet him?”

Well, they got to meet him the weekend he came back out to pack me up and drive me away. It was a short and sweet introduction. But everyone seemed to get along just fine.

And just like when I was 9 years old I suddenly found myself leaving the warm, safe, and familiar life in California and heading out to the cold, snowy and unsure Midwest.

Since this story of Newt has gotten long and well, it’s gotten way too long. I’ll sum up:
We met in May 1998
I moved the end of August 1998 to Minnesota.

On the 6 month anniversary of our meeting the hubster proposed to me at our favorite restaurant Mama Maria’s in Hudson Wisconsin. It was perfect and romantic, and it was perfect.

We were married a little over a year after we met. June 1999. As we had agreed to long ago we got married at Como Conservatory. Wedding pic's here.

In August of 1999 my girlfriend I had taken the trip with married the grooms brother, G.

We get an anniversary card every year from W&T that just says: “You’re Welcome”

Friday, October 06, 2006

Puppy's Progress

I have set up the puppy's progress site. So click on over when you want to see how the kids are doing. Lila and Caleb came home Friday afternoon. So far we have had one snarl from Max - which he quickly stopped, and one quick jaunt out of the kennel by Caleb. He sniffed around about 10 feet from his kennel and then went back in. But they have been home less than an hour. More to come...................If you haven't read chapter three of The Story of Newt it is below.


A Little Newt Story Part 3 - First date

When M set up his trip we made a pact. We said we would take his visit in 24 hour increments. And if things weren’t working out like we had hoped then we would agree to go our separate ways. After all, his best friend lived out there. If he and I didn’t have the spark we thought we had then he could still have a wonderful vacation with his very good friend.

The First 24

Anticipation is an interesting thing. I almost died from it while I waited for “M” to get off the plane. But then he did, and our eyes met. And the next thing I remember is a REALLY good kiss up against the newsstands.

Then we were off to the city. The plan was sightseeing, dinner, and then a leisurely drive back home. He asked me to make a detour through the Haight Ashbury area as a favor to his mom. He said his parents had stayed there on their honeymoon and his mom asked him to get a picture of a particular place she knew still existed. So I waited in the car while he ran off to take pictures. When he got back he said we were all set and grabbed his bag. “What” what are you doing? “ “Oh,” he said, “I just checked us into a bed and breakfast.” “What?” “Well, it’s over two hours to drive home and I just thought we could enjoy ourselves more if you didn’t have to make that long drive back.”

Now it was making sense why my roommate told me to grab a pair of jeans just in case it got cold. – SHE KNEW!

So we went up to our room. It was perfect. It even had the little fire escape balcony. From his backpack he pulled out everything I would need to stay overnight Including contact lens solution and case. Plus he had bought me a Minnesota t-shirt. And a box of Count Chocula. My favorite cereal. But not available in California for whatever reason.

Once we had our stuff situated we headed into the city. I planned dinner at a place called Calzones in North Beach. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in the city. They did not let me down. We had a marvelous dinner. We then walked across the street to an Italian coffee shop and bakery. While we were ordering the owner kept asking me “Is that guy bothering you?” “Cause if he is, I could knock him around for ya.” I assured him “that guy” wasn’t bothering me but I thanked him for looking out for me. We took our coffee’s and cookies outside to a table on the street. Once again the owner came out to check on me. “Is this guy bothering you?” It was the funniest, oddest thing. I think he did it a total of three times while we were there.

After our coffee I said good-bye to my Italian Guardian Angel and we walked back to my car. On a street corner there was a musician. He played something for us while we stood there waiting for the light to change. I think we danced a little bit.

Then it was back to the bed and breakfast for a good nights sleep. After a leisurely morning we headed for the coastal road that would take us home.

When we got back to my house we sat on the porch and talked. We agreed that things were going well enough to renew our 24 hour pact.

24’s after that

I can’t say that the remainder of the trip was as perfectly romantic as the first 24 hours. But each day we signed up for the next 24. We had dinner with the wedding couple, my roommate, and the grooms brother G. I think I actually had to work a day or so during his stay so he spent some time with best friend W and his new wife T. When it came time for him to go we knew only one thing. It really was love. What ever spark that had flown when we were in Vegas really was there. And it was strong, and deep, and right. We both new this was the start of something that had changed our lives.

Next up: Newt does to Minnesota

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A little Newt story part 2 –meeting the hubster

As promised:

In May of 1998 my roommate was invited to her friends wedding. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend so she had no one to go with. She asked me if I wanted to go with her. That we would make it a girl trip. We lived in the Bay Area and the wedding was out in Las Vegas. After the wedding we thought it would be fun to detour to S. California and visit family.

Not too many days before we had to leave she changed her mind and didn’t want to go to the wedding. But her brother, who I was actually casually dating at the time, convinced her to go. That she needed to get away and this trip would do her good.

So off we went to Vegas. The drive is a pretty desolate one but it actually winds through some “top secret” military areas. The highlight of the drive was when a large black ship/plane cruised across the sky. It was like nothing we had ever seen before. More than one car on the freeway actually ended up veering off into ditches and people got out of their cars to watch it. It was a stealth class bomber unlike anything we had seen on the History Channel. The plane didn’t appear to fly but rather to hover. “Cool” doesn’t even begin to describe what we saw.

The wedding was at the Excalibur hotel and the wedding party was dressed in Renaissance costumes. I had only met the wedding couple briefly a month or so before at their house warming party. I didn’t really know anyone at the wedding but it was a beautiful occasion and a great deal of fun. After the ceremony we gathered in the bridal suite to chat and celebrate. We got to know the members of the wedding party that had grown up with the groom “W”. One was the grooms brother who also lived in San Jose and the other two were his life long friends from Minnesota, M and Boy J. M entered the conversation we were having after he had been standing behind me making bunny ears. (I have since forgiven him for that). After a nice visit it was time to go to the reception., which was actually the Jousting Dinner Show. That was a load of fun!

From the reception we went to visit some old co-workers of mine at a bar in NY, NY. From there we had planned to meet back up with the groomsmen, G, M, and boy J for a night on the town. I had wanted them to see the “new” Fremont Street Experience so we hopped on a bus and headed to the old part of the strip. While we waited for the next light show we found a $0.99 cent margarita bar. We sat and talked for quite a while. This was the first time that M and I started to segregate ourselves off from the rest of the group. We chatted about all sorts of stuff. Somewhere in that conversation is when I let my giant skeleton out of the closet regarding still being married. Now quite buzzed and happy we went to watch the show. Which was fantastic.

Then we wandered back to the bus stop to head home. We waited and waited and waited. A kindly homeless person let us know that we would be waiting a while for the bus since they had stopped running for the night. He then let us know that best place to grab a taxi.
So after an insane taxi ride up the strip we finally arrived back at Excalibur. Then we all went up to our room to chat some more. Cigars, beer, and cheese in large quantities were consumed. M and I had hit if off superbly. And I never wanted the night to end. I think it was around 5 that we finally said good night. But we had agreed to meet up again around 7 or so. So short naps and showers for everyone. Then we had planned to meet at the NY, NY rollercoaster for a ride, followed by breakfast. Of course I rode the coaster with M. Who else would I want to be next to????? Breakfast was at the Motown café. We both ordered Corn beef hash and eggs. At first I didn’t order it because it’s one of those love it or hate it things. And I always hate to have to listen to the “Gross, you’re going to eat that?” comments. But then M ordered it and “SWEET” I could order it too then without having to worry. Or at least the odds of “gross” comments get reduced quickly when more than one person is eating something “odd”.

We had made some time commitments to our family in S. Cal. So we girls had to get on the road. We packed our stuff into the car and said good-bye to our new found friends. We exchanged phone/address info and started to head out. But with arms outstretched “M” ran back to the car and kissed me good-bye through the window. He said he just had to do that before I left.

The drive back into California was quiet and relaxing. I think we were both a little too tired to be talkative. When we arrived at my friend’s Aunt’s house we finally got the sleep we needed. Unfortunately when I talked to my parents I learned that my Grandpa had passed away during the night. One of the main reasons we had decided to detour back through S. Cal was so I could see him since he was so sick. But we were just hours too late. So the family visit turned into funeral arrangements and mourning.

My friend and I returned to our home in the Bay Area. I really only unpacked from our trip and repacked to go back down south for Grandpa’s funeral.

When I finally got back to the Bay Area my friend told me there was mail waiting for me in my room. “M” had sent me a sympathy card. And he had sent me a letter. As it turns out I owe everything to my friend. She had been talking with the Minnesota boys on the phone. “M” told her how he felt about me and if I was available. She told him I was casually dating her brother but it wasn’t serious. “M” told her to rip up the letter and throw it away. She refused to. She said he sent it to me for a reason and that I should be the one to decide how I felt about the letter.

So, an amazing letter turned into an all night phone call. Which turned into several all night phone calls. Which turned into a visit. A couple weeks after we had met he bought a ticket to come see me. He would fly into San Francisco.

Our first date……………….you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow for that one.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A little Newt Story

It’s a quiet week. With not a lot to report. The pups aren’t going to come home till Friday. But I did start setting up a blog just for them. I’ll bring it live once they come home.

So, since I don’t have much to talk about here goes a random bit from my life: I’ve eluded to it previously so here is the full story:

When I was in college I met a boy. He was sweet, intelligent, and funny. His father was Canadian, his mother German. He had citizenship in all three countries.

I met him in the music room at the university. It was a nice place to go where they played classical music, had couches, comfy chairs and tables spread out for people to come in and study or relax. The room also had a giant “cat” house. Basically this really cool human size structure of cubbies and shelves that a person could curl up or in. It was even carpeted from wall, to floor, to ceiling just like a cat house. It was the coolest thing.

Anyway, he was studying to be a geologist. He opened his book to a page that had an assortment of Trilobites pictured. He said something to me about spreading stuff on the coffee table and whether or not he would be in my way. I said no, he was welcome to spread Trilobites anywhere he needed to. He then seemed a little surprised that I knew what they were. So I explained to him that my high school science teacher took us to a spot somewhere in Jersey where you could find millions of their fossils. So he had me tell him all about it. So much for studying. We talked for quite a while. Then it was time for my dad to pick me up on his way home. So I said good-bye. He handed me his phone number and told me to call him.

When I got in the car with dad he asked me how my day went. And I told him that I met someone.

A few days later I called him. We talked, we met again. We then dated for six years. Moving in together when we graduated.

One afternoon we were out at Big Sur walking around the sand dunes. We were looking for cool shells and rocks. He called me over to tell me he found a really cool one. When I got over to him he was kneeling in the dirt digging something out. When I got down to help him he handed me a ring. And asked me to marry him.

I said yes. And a year later we were married.

We got married in the middle of May. He left in the middle of June to spend a summer doing field work for the US Geological Survey. In August I went up to Seattle to meet him. We planned to drive back to California in a leisurely vacation fashion. While leaving the camp he had spent the summer at something came over me. I looked at him and for reasons I do not understand to this day I simply said “You met someone.” And he said “yes”

It was at that moment I understood what it was to have the rug pulled out from under you.
And to have my entire existence change in a split second.

The odd thing was that I told no one what happened. I just curled into myself and existed on the very brink of humanity. I functioned at a level that was required to make it through the work day, and through the basic necessities of life. I couldn’t eat. And if I tried I never could keep it down. In three months I dropped 4 sizes.

The one thing I remember during that time was the conspiracy against me on the radio. It seemed like every hit song was about love and loss. There was even a song about “I hate what this is doing to you but if you could only see the way she looks at me.” I can’t remember the group, or the words in any detail. I know I had several break downs in the stock room. Crying quietly in a corner while I stocked the shelves.

The first person I talked to was my boss. And I did that only because she was leaving. The manager’s position was going to be available. Originally it was known that due to my husbands graduation that we would be likely moving to Oregon. The fact that this was no longer inevitable in my near future made me tell her in order to not jeopardize my chances for promotion. It didn’t and I was promoted. Which was good. It gave me a whole new focus in my life.

Two months later I told my friends. And I really only did this because of something one of them had said. He thought I wasn’t hanging out with them as much due to some immigration problems he had been having. But of course that couldn’t be farther from the truth. So, I had a complete breakdown on his porch one afternoon. I don’t think it was at all what he expected.

But being the friends that they were they went to my place. Packed up all my stuff and got me out of the apartment. They didn’t care that we were in separate rooms. They wanted me in a separate house.

In February he filed the paperwork and in July our divorce was final. We didn’t qualify for an annulment despite the fact that we lasted only one month. People think I am kidding when I say we dated for 7 years and were married for one month. But really, it was only a month that we were successfully man and wife.

It was odd to be on my own. But gradually I recovered. I dated. I went to New Orleans with a good friend. And I went to Mexico with a couple of very special girl friends. I even went scuba diving while we were there. I am afraid of water. I don’t like lakes or oceans. I always feel so helpless in them. But I figured if I could survive having my heart ripped out I could swim with a few fishes. And I did, and it was exhilarating. Honestly, I think it changed who I was when I did it. I overcame a pretty big fear. And if I could do that I could do anything.

I met the hubster in May. When he and I first talked we joked about skeletons we had in the closet. And I told him I had a big one. And then I confessed that technically I was married. He asked me what our current circumstances were and I gave him the cliff notes version of my life. He said that it didn’t matter to him. The papers were filed and we were just waiting the state required “cool down” period. For all intents and purposes I was no longer married.

The hubster and I have talked about our meeting and how we felt. And we tell people that we just knew. Had the crazy notion entered our heads and had I not still been married we would have been perfectly comfortable getting married the weekend we met. Sorting out the details later. But as the hubby says “My mother would have killed me” she would have wanted us to have a real wedding.

But I’ll leave how we met and what followed for another day. I have to admit it is quite the fairy tale.

I will close with this:
Life doesn’t always turn out the way we planned. But I am thankful every day that my life took the dramatic turn it did.

Or as Garth Brooks said
Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers
Remember when your talkin to the man upstairs
That just because he doesn't answer doesn't mean he don't care
Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday already????

Friday visit

Caleb and Lila came over on Friday. The house has been inspected and approved. The dogs got along just fine. And the kitty could care less. So, now all that was needed was for Michael to experience their irresistible cuteness.

Meatballs and deals

Friday evening we went to Ikea for dinner and then some shopping. I found new chair pads for $1.25 each. Grant you they are wafer thin and a fabulously boring tan color. But and this is a big BUT, they were cheap and will wash easily. Considering the sheer amount of fur and cat barf the cushions are subjected to cheap is the only kind of deal we look for.

I also got a really pretty duvet cover with matching pillowcases. I decided it would be fun to have a more European style bed. I have a comforter that dates back to my high school years. It’s just now starting to show signs of wear. So I thought it would be perfect to use inside the duvet. And it did work nice. The cover is a very very soft cotton just like a sheet. So that is all we have on the bed. Rather than a sheet and a blanket this combines them into one. I wasn’t sure how the hubster would take it but he liked it. No more tangling up in the sheet, or kicking the sheet to the bottom of the bed. It’s very slick actually. The bonus being that the duvet and pillowcases are only $20.00. Not bad considering how much sheets are costing these days.

Dr. Who

Friday also was the start of the new season of Dr. Who on SciFi. So far so good. I am not really keen on the new doctor but I’m sure he will grow on me.

The Thirteenth Tale

I finished the John Dunning book I had been reading and started The Thirteenth Tale. So far so good. It’s a beautifully written story. My bookmark is on page 147. So I’m a fair ways into the story. I can’t tell you how it’s going to turn out but from talking with Dad he said that he left the last two pages and hasn’t finished them yet. He doesn’t want the story to be over. I take that as a good sign of what is yet to come.

I have an office

My major accomplishment over the weekend was cleaning out the office. I managed to clean the whole thing out (except the hubsters desk) in between a whole lotta sneezing. But wow, I have a floor. I took out three large kitchen garbage bags full of shredded paper and junk. I haven’t seen that room in a couple of years now. I’ve seen it, I’ve been in it, but there was SOOOOO much clutter and crap that I was in complete denial of it’s actual existence.


The hubster came home Saturday night at about 11:30. It was a good reunion. He was glad to be home and I was glad to have him home. While he was in San Francisco he did some shopping and bought a new cologne. He got Obsession for men by Calvin Cline. Damn did he smell good. Dangerously good. Really really really good.


After sleeping in we had a leisurely morning. Then we went to see C and the dogs. We spent a little over an hour with them. They still won’t come near us but I think we got some good quality time with them. And I think the hubster really likes them. He agrees with me that we can probably work wonders with them. It will just take time and patience. And we have to be willing to invest everything in them. All our free time and attention will have to be about them. We plan to discuss it more tonight.

Final thoughts

We had absolutely perfect weather yesterday. It is days like that that make living in Minnesota SOOO worth putting up with everything else. The sky was a brilliant blue, the temperature was perfect. A soft breeze blowing, just enough to make our wind chimes sing. We even grilled steak for dinner to celebrate the perfection of it all.
The evening came to a spectacular close with Midsomer Murders. They showed the very first episode of the show last night. We had never seen it. But this was the episode that tied into a much later one.

Until tomorrow…………….